So you have to move and no matter if it is out of state or somewhere closer. Moving can be stressful even for the most chill people. The To-do list will only get bigger with time if you don’t plan your move. Your family can and will get stress out so for you to stay cool during the move is important. That is why you need to have a packing checklist for moving among hiring professionals. So you stay focused and calm. If you have a teen who has just turned 16 and owns a car you can ask them for help with the move. Of course, check the laws first before doing that.

Why a packing checklist for moving?

The answer is simple. Because our brains tend to break down the more stress we experience. Studies show that we don’t think as clearly when we feel pressured or overwhelmed in a situation. That is why you need to make a packing checklist in advance so you can avoid the whole situation of making the decision on the spot. And you will not have to wonder what is next and if a certain task is done. Also, be very careful with packing glassware. You should learn from your past mistakes with insurance so the same doesn’t happen again with your favorite glassware.

Making a packing checklist for moving
It is very important to make a checklist while you are relocating to a new home. And also to make it in advance so you don’t get stressed out on the spot but rather just follow the list

Months before the move

A few months before the move just take a deep breath and start planning and making a list. Hire professionals in advance and get an estimate from Zippy Shell NV so you will know how much the move will cost you so therefore you can have a budget for it and plan accordingly. You can also start slowly decluttering your home from unnecessary things. And deciding what will be thrown away and what will go with you. Some things can also be donated so think about the people who have less than you.

packing belongings that will go with you and making a packing checklist for moving
It is very important to declutter your house months in advance and know what belongings will go with you and what will stay. Don’t forget that you can also donate or sell some items

One month in advance

When time is slowly coming and you have about a month before the big move. You should cancel magazine subscriptions or tell them the new address. That follows everything you need to cancel or give them your new address like your landline. After that, you will need to have adequate material ready for packing. And start slowly packing your home. It is surprising how many belongings you have and how much time it will take you to pack everything. If you’re moving into an apartment building, find out where the truck can park and if you need to make arrangements or reserve an elevator for that day.

Slowly packing your stuff into boxes
When the time comes for the moving day it is important that everything is close to the finish. So that is why you need to start packing in advance. It is surprising how much time that will take you

Packing checklist for moving three weeks before

This is the time you start to schedule your change of address at the post office. Change the address for whatever paper bills you get and other things you get in the mail. Arrange a sitter for your kids and pets for the moving day. This will help you out a lot. You will not have to worry about them while stressing and doing all the necessities for the move. And they won’t bother you and be tired from dragging them all around for doing tasks. There is a couple of tips on how to move with the whole family. That will for sure help you out a lot.

Dog and baby playing
While you do all the work for the move. It is good to hire a pet and babysitter so you dont have to worry about them while in the middle of the process of relocating. And they will be happier because you won’t need to drag them around with you while running tasks.

One week before the relocation

You need to change your addresses. For example, driver’s license and insurance cards. For yourself and your car if you have one. Also, make sure your prescriptions are changed to a local pharmacy or will be delivered to your new address if you get them by mail and you will be without medication. Keep packing but make sure to leave out what you’ll need on moving day and days after, also anything else essential if it will take a while for you to be reunited with your belongings. Confirm the date and time of the move with your movers. Be sure to ask them everything you want and are not sure about. They will be glad to answer you and help you out.

Few days before and the moving day

Be sure to pack food for the moving day. Also, be sure that your luggage and the boxes with your necessities are far away from the pile that movers are taking and moving into the truck. When the movers are packing your belongings be sure that you take what you see as nonreplaceable or too valuable. For example wedding photos, jewelry, children’s favorite toys. And with no time you will be at the new address in your new home with the whole family. Don’t forget about your business while doing all of this. From time to time you should remind yourself about what business needs to run smoothly. It is very easy to forget about everything while relocating so be sure to remind yourself.

Packing checklist for moving is great

The checklist is great because it will help you out a lot. In the whole process and you will not stress as you would without it. So when you come to your new home. That is in the Bronx area. You can start unpacking and enjoying the new house. Be sure to unpack the necessary items first. If you have kids it would be their belongings and toys. Not to mention for and bed. That is why the marking of the box of what is inside coming in handy while unpacking.

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