If you want to move to New York City, you’ll need to find a perfect new place for yourself. New York is a big city with interesting neighborhoods. So, choosing the right part of town as your next residence must be your next step. But, to make your decision easier, here are the top 4 reasons why Bronx is the best NYC borough.

So, there is no need to wonder where to live in NYC. If you want to get the best of life and enjoy many great adventures, then the Bronx is the place to move.

Bronx New York City Railroad - Reasons why Bronx is the best NYC borough
There are many reasons why Bronx is the best NYC borough.

A word about the Bronx

Bronx is the northernmost borough in NYC. It’s separated from Manhattan by the narrow Harlem River. Just like other New York City boroughs, Bronx has a lot of different neighborhoods. Each one of them has a unique character, so make sure you explore the best parts of the Bronx and find the neighborhood that suits you best. Some of the well-known are the South Bronx, Little Italy, and Riverdale. 

Affordability – One of the reasons why Bronx is the best NYC borough

The Bronx is one of the cheapest parts of NYC. One of the reasons for this is the borough’s history with crime. But, the crime rates are going down, and the housing prices aren’t going up. And this is a positive thing to consider when moving to the Bronx. Here, you can find a cheap apartment for renting in different areas. Location can affect the asking price of the property, but, the average rent price is about $1600.

Also, when speaking about affordability, if you decide to move to the Bronx, there are affordable NYC movers that can help you. Visit sites like 5starmoversllc.com to get your moving quote. Considering the fact that one of the reasons to relocate to the Bronx is the cheaper costs of living, hiring an affordable moving company should be on your list too.

A lot of green spaces

Some of the biggest parks in NYC are in the Bronx. So, after moving here, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and breathtaking nature. This borough is home to the New York Botanical Garde and the amazing Zoo. However, that’s not all. If you’re a sports fan, visit Yankee Stadium when New York Yankees perform their magic. These attractions are brimming with visitors, and they make the Bronx feel like one of the best NYC borough. 

Public transportation – One of the reasons why Bronx is the best NYC borough

Wondering how to save money in New York. Well, a great way to do that is to use public transportation. And, Bronx has one of the best-developed public transportation systems in NYC. The system is so reliable that many residents don’t own a car.

Bronx Street Building
You don’t need a car in Bronx.


Even if you move to the Bronx with a car, there is some good news. The Bronx is one of the best places in NYC to own a car because there is a lot of parking space. Many people use public transportation so that benefits car owners. You can often stumble upon some free parking space.

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