So you want to move abroad but are not sure how much it will cost you? Or how to prepare? We got you covered. The decision to move abroad is life-changing so you have to make sure you plan and organize it well. Here are some tips to help you out.

How to prepare and move abroad?

First thing first, do some research. After that, do some more. You have to get as much information as possible on the place you are moving to. Especially if you move abroad. You have to get to know the culture and the living standards. You should also research all of the living costs that include housing/rent, utilities, and other expenses that have to be covered.

Secure finances and documents

You should always set aside a good amount of cash, especially when you move abroad. You’ll have to wire money over from the U.S. to your new bank and likely lose some on the exchange due to fees. You may also need to hire a real estate agent to help you find a place to live. Every time you move abroad, the first few months will be significantly more expensive than the rest. This is because getting settled and getting the bureaucratic stuff taken care of can cost a lot.

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Get your finances in order before the move.

Transfering and shipping your items

The biggest expense you’ll have when moving abroad is the cost of shipping your belongings from your current home to your new place in your destination country. International moving shipping costs are based on multiple factors. The volume or weight of the goods, the required moving services are just a few. It also depends on the type of transport used, the relocation distance, the relocation route, and the time of year you are moving abroad. However, it would be best to hire professional movers to help you with this task. Don’t try to save up on this one.

Renting a storage unit

You will often need storage when you move abroad. Especially if you have to fly to your new country before shipping your belongings. You will need a place to keep your items somewhere safe while looking for a permanent residence in your new country, etc. Storage costs are based on the size of the storage you need, the desired extra features (climate control, high-end security, etc.), and the storage period.

storage units
Storage is a great soultion to temporary store your items.


You may or may not need a visa when moving abroad, depending on your destination country and the reason for your move (work, study, retirement, etc.). Every country has its own specific visa requirements and different types of visas have different fees. So be sure to contact the nearest Foreign Consular Office of the country you’re moving to and ask for additional information on visas and their prices in advance. The visa fee can cost anywhere between $150 and $2500. And you have to pay this fee each time you renew your visa.

You are ready to move abroad

Make sure to follow the steps above and your move abroad will go smoothly. Get your finances in order, start planning on time and do a lot of research. Good luck!

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