Are you interested in expanding your business abroad? It may seem difficult at first sight, but knowing some facts can help you make a profitable decision. This very year diplomats and state representatives from Saudi Arabia invited American-based companies to expand their businesses to the largest state on the Arabian Peninsula dubbed the heart of the Arab and Islamic world. Although the two countries already have a strong economic relationship, there is still a great number of opportunities for American companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, read this article to find out why NYC-based companies are expanding to Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2030

Where do we start? Let’s begin with the official Saudi national development plan called Vision 2030. It surely sounds ambitious, right? It does and it is. One of the Saudi state representatives said in a recent interview: “With Vision 2030, we’re opening up to the world”. In other words – Saudi Arabia is rapidly changing. Where is the economy in all of this? Well, according to Vision 2030 the economy of Saudi Arabia should take steps towards greater independence from the national oil industry. In that case, making space for foreign companies on the country’s market seems like a natural thing to do.

A street scene in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Although the two countries already share a strong economic bond, an influx of American companies doing their business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected in the next couple of years

Quality transportation of goods

Now, this one makes the lives of US-based companies in Saudi Arabia much easier. How? Well, having a great system of cargo transportation everywhere you do your business is a must for companies trying to leave a few marks on the global economy. We’re talking about massive amounts of goods mostly transported by cargo ships. Quality transportation system is certainly something that attracts NYC-based companies doing business in the KSA. Ensure the safe delivery of goods by hiring professionals in the field. In other words – always get the best help available.

Cargo ship transporting goods
Saudi Arabia is well-known for its cargo transportation services

International commercial moving has never been easier

We’ve seen an influx of NYC-based companies expanding to the Arabian Peninsula. With more and more quality providers offering international commercial moving services that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Most companies tend to choose the best in the field. In that case, we’ll feel free to give a recommendation. If you want the finest option available, contact Four Winds SA, a quality moving provider with experience. They’ll make sure your office expansion to Saudi Arabia goes as smoothly as it gets.

A brief summary

So, there you have it. These were some of the main reasons behind NYC-based companies’ massive expansion to the Arabian Peninsula. With the support of its leaders and great commercial moving providers, Saudi Arabia is reaching the goals proclaimed by Vision 2030. Now that you’ve found out why NYC-based companies are expanding to Saudi Arabia, we’re sure you will somehow benefit from it. Maybe you’ll develop your own business right there, on the peninsula? In any case, best of luck!

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