Moving from place to place is exhausting. Especially when those places are New Jersey and New York City. New York City represents one of the most populated cities in the USA so it can be very overwhelming when coming to such a huge city. But, as long as you stick to these tips you shouldn’t have any major problems while moving from New Jersey to NYC.

Decide about neighboorhood you want to live in

The common fact is that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But I suppose you already know that! NYC covers about 783.8 square kilometers, 5 boroughs and many neighborhoods. That means there is a drastic variation in monthly costs depending on the part of the city you want to live in. As a demonstration, the most expensive part of the city is Central Park with rent about $7900 and the cheapest part is Ozone park with rent of $1800. Sure that relocation to NYC costs a lot, but with a good reason. It also has the most dynamic life so that is one of the reasons why you should be moving from New Jersey to NYC. There are also plenty more facts about why you should move to NYC.

Be ready to pay up front

Manhattan is one of the most expensive neighborhoods

Rent an apartment

Rental of apartments in NYC is a difficult task. It consumes two things, your patience, and your money! When renting an apartment you need to be prepared to give a lot of money. That usually includes paying a months rent and months security deposit. If you don’t have a salary that is big enough to handle these costs, then you need to save money months before you actually move. Be sure that you can sustain those expenses or rent a smaller and cheaper apartment for months ahead. It is always a safer option than to be expelled from the apartment and having to survive in the chaos of NYC.

Remove this problem from your list

Rent an apartment on time

Find a job before moving

NYC is a complicated city in many ways. Its big population and fast speed of life confuse very easily. Tall skyscrapers, flashing lights give you the impression that all that will fall down on you. In a way, it will. If you don’t have a job before you move there, it will be extremely hard to survive in all that chaos. It wouldn’t be impossible to find a job once you are there, but that would cost you a lot of nerves and patience. After all, better safe than sorry!

Find moving company

Finding a moving company nowadays is relatively easy. All you have to do is to go online a browse through a massive number of fake and legit companies. The important thing is not to give up while browsing. Because of such big numbers, it is very easy just to go through a couple of pages and book first company that has a few nicer words of marketing than the rest. Don’t do that because then you have a greater chance of being scammed. Look carefully through pages, make a selection of companies you like and make a decision. Also, keep in mind that you need to find cross country moving experts because you are going from one state to another. After all, you are moving from New Jersey to NYC!


An important aspect of moving is storage. A better option is to book a company that has that option because it makes moving easier. Companies often have different storage options which you pick according to your own needs. These options are very reliable, safe and usually, don’t cost a lot of money. Also, you need to store your stuff properly. Organizing a storage unit is vital so you don’t spend any more money on storage that you already have to.

Set a date!

Setting a date can sometimes be a hard thing to do. It depends on several things that are almost always related to the company. First of all, a date you choose can be already reserved. If it is a big company, you shouldn’t have problems. They already have enough capacity to provide necessary services to all of their clients. But if the company has a small capacity, then you have a problem. Second of all, Moving from New Jersey to NYC isn’t the same in winter and in summer. It’s not recommended to move during winter because of slippery roads, blizzard etc. Moving in winter will likely cause a deadline to be passed. If a date is set and that happens, many companies will charge you more because of it. So, choose wisely and on time when to move and be stress-free.

since you are moving from New Jersey to NYC, it is important to keep things under control

Set a date in order to stay organized

Moving from New Jersey to NYC is a great opportunity

When all of these tips are done, you are set to go. This way you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Of course, something can always come up. Like traffic! We all hear lots of stories about traffic in NYC about how it is very hard to go through the city, even if it is just a couple of blocks. It is an interesting fact that very little people in NYC actually have a car. The best way to go through one part of the city to another is the subway! Subway is relatively cheap and saves you a lot of time that you could spend somewhere else. Although a good way of travel, you certainly can’t expect the speed of light and be prepared that it will also take time to reach the destination.

To sum this up, moving from New Jersey to NYC can be an easy task to do. Sounds contradictory considering that it involves one of the largest and the most dynamic cities in the USA. The idea of moving from a state that has the population the same as only one city in another state is terrifying. But don’t be discouraged because by moving to NYC you get a lot of opportunities regarding the job, nightlife, etc.

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