If you’re moving to a new smaller home or reorganizing your old one, getting a storage unit will be helpful. Here, you will be able to store every extra piece of furniture you don’t often use. These may include holiday decorations, sports equipment, winter clothes, and anything too big for your house. However, for this to be useful, you will need to learn how to organize a storage unit. In short, you will need to focus on shelves, organizers, and containers. Also, don’t forget to label everything to make looking for your things easier.

A warehouse or a storage unit?

On the other hand, don’t mistake of confusing storage units for warehouses. Storage units are mostly used for personal belongings, whereas warehouses are used for business organization. Therefore, there are tips for organizing a warehouse, if this is what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a place to store your extra fridge, sofa, or snowboard, storage units are what you should look into. Keep reading to find out how to maximize space and preserve all those belongings that you cannot get rid of.

Plan ahead

Before you begin to organize a storage unit, make a list of everything you might want to keep there. There is no need to list absolutely every single little thing. For now, only focus on key pieces. By doing this, you will know which containers and shelving units will be the most appropriate. This will also help you realize that there are many various moving assistance options to choose from. Keep your mind open and consider everything a possibility!

many messy boxes

Plan ahead to avoid a messy storage unit

In addition, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing shelving units. Firstly, there are low-profile shelves. These are perfect for accessories and for leaving open space for lamps, chandeliers, and other light fixtures. Secondly, there are floor-to-ceiling shelves. These are great if you want to place them across the entire wall in the storage unit. Thirdly, there are low bookcase and mid-height shelves. These are also useful if you want storage in the middle of the storage unit as well as along the walls.

Organize a storage unit as best as possible

There is a tip which might just save your life when you begin to organize a storage unit. This tip is to make a list and pin it near the door of your storage unit. You can use a chalkboard or a pinboard if you have one. Also, you can always stick to pen and paper. Making your own DIY organizing planner is one of the best things you can do when organizing a storage unit. This will allow you to follow the initial plan, but to also write down notes as you go. You can take note of any changes that you make in the organization.

organize a storage unit - full shelves

Follow your initial plan!

Moreover, you can take note of anything you might yet need to buy for organizing the storage unit. Also, this is a perfect way to continue being organized even after you finish filling the storage unit. Leave a note on where to look for the major things or things you might have trouble finding later.

What to do with smaller items?

When you want to organize a storage unit, you might wonder what you should do with your smaller possessions. Unless you are moving in a minimalistic style, you will need help organizing the small stuff. This is where the unused furniture comes in handy. You can use something like a spare bed and store the small items in the drawer/basket underneath the bed. Fill these with clothing or other small items. Keep them labeled so won’t have to unpack everything to find what you’re looking for. Also, you can always use the top of the bed for storage as well. Make sure to get boxes and containers similar in size.

Moreover, if you have enough space, place the bed in the middle of the storage unit. This will leave enough space on the walls for shelving units and for stacking other containers. On the other hand, if your storage unit is on the smaller side, organize the furniture against one wall.

How to safely stack boxes

When you start to organize a storage unit, the most important part of stacking containers is the beginning. You have to make sure you create a safe base for the rest of the containers. Stack your boxes with bigger ones on the bottom and smaller ones toward the top. Be careful and stack them as neatly as possible, to ensure that they stay in place. Also, place heavier items in the containers near the bottom and lightweight things in the containers on the top. Placing light items like bedding and pillows in the containers in the middle is a great move.

Ideally, have no more than three levels of boxes stacked on top of each other. If this isn’t working for you and you need more levels, use shelves. Shelves are a perfect solution to this issue. You can use them to add support for the boxes and to keep them steadily in place.

Organizing shelves

Firstly, take note of how long and how wide your shelves are. Also, compare them to your other containers and boxes. On the back shelves which you won’t use often, place containers and items which you also won’t need too much. Another great tip is to keep similar things in the same places. For example, organize decorative items based on the season of the holiday. Therefore, all Christmas decorations will be in containers on one shelf. The same goes for a birthday, Thanksgiving, and Easter decorative items.

Take care of yourself

Finally, moving all of your items into a storage unit takes a lot of energy. This means it will require a lot of time and effort, especially if you have a lot of things. Make sure to establish a comfortable spot to rest and take a break when you need one.

outdoor chairs and table

Take a break when you need one!

An excellent option is to use the furniture you plan on keeping in the storage unit. Specifically, outdoor furniture which you can easily fold and unfold is perfect for this. It’ll be really easy to take it out when you need it and fold it back up after you’re done. It is very important to make yourself comfortable when you organize a storage unit. Also, don’t forget to have fun! This is a new start, after all.

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