Moving from one country to another can be very difficult and stressful. Especially when you have pets. You need to look after them, and still manage to do everything properly so you can relocate with success. Well, the basic things for a relocation you probably already know. But you might not be sure what you need to do to prepare your pets when leaving NYC for Ottawa. They are very sensitive to changes and traveling, and you should be well-informed about everything. Beginning with how to adjust their daily routine after moving and during the move as well. There will be a lot of things to do, so better start writing them down and be ready. Your pet needs you.

Choose your new home with pets in mind when leaving NYC Ottawa

Moving to another country altogether might be like a dream come true for you. But is it like that for your pet? Most likely no. Pets don’t like noise and traffic. So, there is a big chance that your pet won’t enjoy city life, despite it having lived in the never sleeping Big Apple. But there is something that can help. When you are looking for your new home, make sure that it is not in the city. There are many beautiful suburbs where you can find a house that you can rent, perhaps even afford to buy. And not only will your pet be able to run around the yard and be happy all the time, but it will also be good for you. You will have to work in the city, and you will get enough of it. Trust us.

Start looking for your home as soon as possible. Other people that have pets are probably going to be your competitors, and you need to be sure that you and your pet will have a home. Right away after you find your new home, you need to start talking with reliable movers, like those behind Professional Movers Ottawa, about your upcoming relocation and how they might be able to assist.

Letting pets in the moving box is one way of how to prepare your pets when leaving NYC for Ottawa.
Let your pets get familiar with new objects in the home.

When it comes to packing, you need to take care of them

As it is already mentioned above, pets are very sensitive to changes. Some of them don’t even like them, nor do they take well to them. When it comes to packing, your entire home will be a mess. And you need to do something about it!

You can bring in the cardboard boxes and place them all in order in some parts of your home. Let your pet get familiar with those boxes by letting them get a sniff. Furthermore, don’t forget to gather everything you need, packing supplies-wise. While you are more than welcome to introduce your pets to boxes, for instance, the same cannot be said about some other packing supplies. They are best kept out of their sight, otherwise, the risk of your furry friends damaging them or perhaps even misplacing them runs high.

Also, when you start packing, you should do it room by room. And while you are packing, your pet should be in a separate room from you. Keep them within a room that you plan on packing last. Or simply, close the door of the room you are packing. This is one of the most common challenges you will face when moving. So, prepare your pets and yourself for this. You both will need it.

Dog laying on the bed.
When you need to prepare your pets for moving, keep them in a separate room from the one where you are packing things.

Be aware that you need to prepare your pets for the moving day

As you are already familiar with the situation, pets don’t like unfamiliar things, especially cats. They can be easily frustrated by little things. And on your moving day, you will have a mess around your home. Unfamiliar people will come, and they will start to take things out of your home. And that can affect your pets negatively. So, when it comes to this day, you need to do something about it. You will have a couple of options, but the best one is to take your pets to your friend’s house or have one of your family members take care of them for the day. Whatever option you chose, just make sure that your pet is familiar with the person that’s keeping it safe. When you drop them off, gather everything that you need, and start packing your items so movers can relocate you.

They will need to adapt to their travel boxes or cages when leaving NYC for Ottawa

Before the day to move arrives, you need to prepare your pets for the transport box or cage, depending on what you want to use and what you have. Let your pets meet the object on their own. Slowly try to make them come inside. A little treat or playing with them should probably help. Even though you don’t support this, it is necessary for traveling. If your pet is not used to this environment and is in a travel cage, it might be irritated. It will be the same when you try to help your cat get used to the new apartment.

Prepare your pets for the road

The part from when you leave your current home, and until you enter your new home is the most challenging one. It most probably won’t be easy at all. And you need to prepare both yourself and your pet. Don’t let them drink too much water, and don’t feed them before the road. This might cause some unpleasant situations and they might vomit on the road. Make stops every once in a while so they can stretch their legs, too.

Girl hugging her dogs.
Give support to your pets when leaving NYC for Ottawa, they will need it.

Settling down might also be tricky

Since no animal likes changes and an unfamiliar environment, you need to prepare your pets for the new house as well. It will be more or less like in the beginning when you just got them and they had to learn where they can go, and what they cannot do inside a house. Yes, it can be very difficult, but you can do it. Just be friendly to your pet and don’t be angry. They don’t understand anything about your leaving NYC for Ottawa. Be supportive, it will mean a lot to them. They need you as a friend now, not as their coach.

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