Relocating to another county for a job is an exciting and terrifying event in anybody’s life. You do not know what awaits you and what problems you will soon face. To make your international relocation to Kuwait less stressful, Company Listings NYC has an article for you. Here are some of the common challenges you will face when moving from NYC to Kuwait for work.

Challenges of moving from NYC to Kuwait for work – planning the move

The first problem is planning your relocation to Kuwait from New York City. If you need a moving plan for your local move, you also need a plan for overseas relocation, especially if you are moving with kids. So before we start the relocation process to Kuwait, let’s write every step down. 

  • The first step is to get the appropriate documentation so that you can work when you arrive in Kuwait. 
  • The second step is to find movers to help you get to Kuwait. Since you are moving from NYC to Kuwait for work, you need reliable, local movers, Easy Move KW are a smart pick, but there are many other options in the area, as well.
  • The third step is to decide what you want to bring to Kuwait. 
  • The fourth step is packing your NYC home for Kuwait. 
  • The fifth step is to talk to your movers about how long will it take for your items to arrive in Kuwait. 
  • Finally, getting on a plane and arriving in Kuwait. 
A white note book, learn about moving from NYC to Kuwait for work
Planning the move is one of the problems of moving from NYC to Kuwait for work that you need to handle first.

Next, we will go into every step of your plan in detail. 

Challenges of moving from NYC to Kuwait for work – getting a work visa

The first challenge of moving to Kuwait for a job is getting a work visa. Having a work visa is a must if you want to earn money in Kuwait. Application and getting approved for a work visa will take about two months. Since the process is so long, you should send your documentation two months before starting the relocation process. Here is what you need to provide to get a working visa for Kuwait. 

  • First, you will need a passport that’s valid for at least 6 more months.
  • Second, a small photo that can fit in a passport. 
  • Third, a negative HIV/AIDS test.
  • Fourth, get your health check at the local doctor to see that you have no infection diseases 
  • The Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to process and approve your visa application.
  • Finally, a clean criminal record.
white paper folder with black string
Get your work visa for Kuwait as soon as possible by providing the right documentation.

When you provide all of the above documentation, it will take around three weeks to get your work visa for Kuwait. 

How to find help for your NYC to Kuwait career move

When you get your work visa, you can move on to the getting to Kuwait problem. To successfully move overseas to Kuwait, you will absolutely need help. You can do the following things to find a reliable internal mover to get you to Kuwait. 

The most reliable option and what you should do first is turn to your friends for references. They would have done the whole moving thing before and know what relocation experts are the best for your relocation to Kuwait. 

If your friends can not help you in any way, turn to the internet for help – where you can find a lot of overseas movers to Kuwait. You will find that the number of choices is overwhelming to narrow the search look for companies with the most positive reviews. Finally, schedule an interview with them where you can talk in detail about what you need to move to Kuwait. In the interview, you can also learn how much it will cost you to relocate to Kuwait and pick the company you can afford. 

What to bring to Kuwait and how to pack it 

When you find a mover, you need to decide what to bring to Kuwait. If you were moving to Kuwait for a short amount of time, we would recommend you to pack lightly. But since you are moving to work, you are probably staying for at least a year, which means you should try and bring as many things as possible. To be more precise, bring items that will cost less to ship than to buy new. 

For example, bringing your bulky furniture to Kuwait will not be money efficient. Shipping furniture to Kuwait can cost you from 1000-dollars up to 3000-dollars. Since you are moving for work, you can find a perfectly furnished apartment for rent in Kuwait.

But on the other hand, having a car with you in Kuwait can be beneficial. Especially if you have a family coming with you. Since renting or buying a vehicle is not money efficient, it is better to ship your car to Kuwait. However, before you ship your vehicle, you need to research the process in advance and learn about the car import laws in Kuwait. 

a white land rover
Having a car with you can allow you to move around Kuwait freely.

Besides your car, you should bring your family memorabilia and clothes with you, and since you are not shipping your furniture, it will cost you a lot less. Let movers deal with the packing since it is a long way to Kuwait, and you want your items to survive the trip. 

Arranging the arrival time in Kuwait 

When you get everything packed, you need to discuss it with your movers when they arrive in Kuwait with your items. The time will vary depending on the moving company getting you to Kuwait from NYC. But usually, it will take around 3 to 10 days to get your items shipped. Make sure to account for the flight time to Kuwait from NYC. It will take about 12-hours to reach Kuwait from New York City and a few more hours to get to the place you are moving to from the airport. 

You are ready to move to Kuwait 

We hope that we have shown you how to deal with the challenges of moving from NYC to Kuwait for work. With our tips, you should be able to get to Kuwait swiftly!

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