Long-distance moves are becoming more and more common. There are plenty of people moving from one city to another almost every day. With the appearance of large numbers of moving companies, long-distance moving became much easier. But still, one of the hardest tasks of moving is packing. Packing requires a lot of time and energy. It isn’t an easy task at all packing up your entire house. This is why we decided to write this short but helpful guide. Here is where you can read what are the three things to pack first when moving long distances. And as an NYC-based company, this guide is for those who are moving from North Dakota to NYC.


You surely do have a lot of clothes in your closet if you live in North Dakota. The weather there is changeable which means you do have plenty of different types of clothing items for different types of weather. This is an amazing thing as the weather is NYC is very similar.

Packing your closet can be a long process which is why you should declutter.

But why start with packing your closet? Well, if you do have a lot of clothing items it is going to take you a lot of time to pack. This is why starting with your coset first is a good idea. And for another reason as well. Decluttering your closet is a long process as well. But you do have to do it. Declutter your closet in order to be able to pack it up easier. Or simply search for teams you can rely on to pack up your home for a move from North Dakota to NYC.

Living room

Now that you have packed all the clothing that you don’t wear all the time, you are ready to proceed with packing other parts of your home. And one of the things to pack first is your living room. A living room is one of the rooms you use often but don’t really need most things from it.

Living room.
Pack up the things you don’t need on a daily-basis.

All those books and knick-nacks are not something you consume all the time. Most people don’t use anything they have in their living room as most of the things are there for decorative purposes. This is why your living room is next on the list of things to pack first. And if moving into a smaller apartment, decluttering is necessary.

Basement and attic

Not everyone has an attic or a basement but if you do, these two rooms are the first to handle. This is where you keep most of the things that you don’t use or need. This means that these rooms also need to be decluttered before packing. And this is a process that will surely take time. You can always get some decluttering tips but this is still not going to be an easy thing to do. So, start on time and make your basement or attic one of the things to pack first.

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