Before moving out, you should clean your home, also after moving to your new home, you should clean it first and then start to furnish it and decorate it. It is a lot of job for one person, especially if the home is big. Also, business offices need to be clean too. If you live in NYC, you know that life there is fast, so you probably don’t have time for cleaning. In every case, you probably need a cleaning service in NYC to make your life easier.

But, how to find a good cleaning company and how to choose? We know how!

Clean living and dining room

If you want a clean home without losing time and energy, hire professionals.

Tips to hire good cleaning service in NYC

Even if you are moving into a smaller apartment, it must be cleaned. The moving process has a lot of tasks that need to be finished. When you add cleaning, the list will be longer, and you will lose more time and energy.

  • Ask for recommendations – a reliable and reputable company will always have someone to recommend them. Ask friends, family members, co-workers if they know a good cleaning service in NYC.
  • Hire professionals – stick to the professionals because they are boded, insured, they have a license, and you will have peace of mind. You cannot let anyone enter your home.
  • Read online reviews – today, all information can be founded online. A person or a company that is reliable will have a lot of reviews online (good and bad, of course, mostly positive). It is the first step when searching for cleaning services online.
  • Ask for referrals – when you find a cleaning service in NYC you may hire, ask for referrals. Contact previous clients, if they are satisfied, it is a good sign.
  • Check insurance – what is something got damaged? Will the company cover it? Without insurance, you may get robbed and you won’t be protected. A good insurance policy will save money in NYC.
  • Experience – if a cleaner has a long experience, it is a good sign. Always hire a company that is in business for a longer period of time.
  • Be honest about your needs – when hiring cleaning services, be open about your needs. How big your apartment is, do you need some additional cleaning services, more than one person to clean your home, etc?
A person cleaning the sink to illustrate cleaning services in NYC.

Your home will shine after hiring cleaning services in NYC.

Costs of hiring a maid in NYC

How much does it cost to hire a cleaning service in NYC? The average price per hour is $14.8 for housekeeping. But in more expensive areas such as Manhattan, the price per hour can reach $25. 71.4 percent of maids in New York City are women. If you don’t have time to clean, hiring a maid is the best solution, for sure. Your home will be organized and clean and you will have more time for yourself.

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