Let’s imagine that you are an ambitious individual who’s next career move is somewhere across the state. You have accepted the offer, and now need to move far from your home. You are thinking about hiring movers for the first time. But, is it the right decision? To help you with this one, we offer you a complete guide on hiring movers for the first time. By studying it carefully, you will protect yourself from hiring fraudulent movers and becoming a victim of a moving scam.

Selecting the right moving company

First things first, you must find the right company that will do the job properly and finally you will be leaving your section 8 apartment for good. Selecting the best possible company is essential for the successful ending of your “little” moving adventure.

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Choose your movers smartly.

Start with recommendations from people that you consider close, people you trust. Their experiences can prove to be extremally valuable. And even then, check the movers’ reputation online. Only because one person had one good experience doesn’t mean all the others share their opinion. After initial research, you will narrow the list down. At that point, ask for free estimates from all the companies you like. Don’t even bother with the ones that don’t send their representatives. Compare offers, pay attention to those that are binding and always ask about additional costs. Some companies will exclude some additional moving services that are essential and will show on the final bill. Imagine your surprise when you find that the number is substantially different from the given estimate.

Mistakes you can avoid when hiring movers for the first time

Don’t always assume that the lowest bid is always the best one. Obviously, everybody likes a good bargain. But, do your homework and research, a low-cost estimate may be a clue for a fraud. Don’t be lazy and only get one or two quotes, get as many as time allows you. And the last piece of advice but probably the most important one is to look for movers on time. An important thing to know is that the moving season is during summer, between May and September.

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Avoid the typical mistakes people who are preparing for a move usually make.

Reducing the costs when hiring movers for the first time

A good place to start is knowing what kind of help you need. If you are moving for the first time, choose the right kind of assistance when moving. The second time, you might decide to be brave enough and hire people just for heavy lifting. As mentioned above, gather as many estimates as you can so you can pick one with the lowest price. And even then, try to negotiate in order to reduce the price even more.

Moving is a great opportunity to declutter your home. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Deciding what is not needed is the hard part here. When you do that, you can sell excess stuff online, organize a yard/garage sale or even donate. Our last advice is to try to pack as much as you can by yourself. The biggest price drivers when moving are the amount of stuff you have and packing.


Deal with utilities on both locations. Some companies might ask you to come in person and sign some documents. It would be funny if you already moved away to a different city, or a more interesting, different country. Cancel magazine subscriptions or change receiving address on time. In some cases, you will need to open a new bank account and close the old one. Take care of your finances. If you are moving to other countries, you will need to deal with healthcare. It doesn’t have to do much with movers itself, but it can create serious costs and nervous breakdowns.

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Not dealing with utility costs like insurance on time can cost you a pretty penny.


Being unprepared for your movers’ arrival is the most common mistake that first-time mover can make. Don’t be that person! Be prepared. Although you hired professionals, you can do certain things yourself. Thus, you can save money.

  • Organize transport for your pets and plants. Being emotionally attached to a plant is a rare occurrence, but who are we to judge.
  • Find out the things that movers can’t move. Have open communication with them about the items you own. So, you know what you need to move by yourself or in a different way.
  • Start packing right away. Things like old books, clothes that you will positively not use in the near future or similar. If, from tie to time, you pack a box or two, by the time movers arrive you will have most of the stuff ready for move
  • Mark boxes, so you know where what is. Because the unpacking process can sometimes take more time then you anticipated.

What to do when movers arrive at your home

The moving day is here and since this is your first time, you are not quite sure what you have to do. It is normal as you are hiring movers for the first time. Obviously, you will greet them and show them around. The first and most important thing, stay out of their way! They are professionals and they know what they are doing. If by any case you don’t like what you see, you can always call the company’s representative.

In order to start things in the right way, be polite and offer them coffee, tea or some beverage. If your move will take some time, prepare some bottled water for movers. Tour de your casa should then include also where your bathroom is.

In the end, if you are satisfied with their work, consider tipping them. This is a nice way to show your gratitude and opportunity to show that you are no cousin of Ebenezer Scrooge.

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