You should know that Americans are known for their constant relocations. An average US citizen moves about 12 times in a lifetime. But, how many times does an average New Yorker move in a lifetime? It’s a feeling New Yorkers do it more often. 

New York has a large rental inventory and increasingly expensive neighborhoods. So, people tend to explore new New York’s next hot neighborhoods. They are trying to find higher-quality, more affordable places. So, it outweighs the stressful aspects of relocating. 

How many times does an average New Yorker move – Younger people move more frequently

When an average New Yorker reaches the age of 18, he’s likely to move at least another ten times in a remaining lifetime. But, once a person reaches 45 years old, he can expect to move three times. So, younger people tend to move more frequently.

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How many times does an average New Yorker move? Young people more frequently.

Why do New Yorkers relocate?

So, why do people move? Well, most relocations are up to being housing-related. More than 48% of moves are associating directly with housing. Then, more than 30% of relocations are family-related. While job relocations made up almost 20%, and other was just 2 percent of all moves.

Upsizing or Downsizing Home

In common, many people relocate because of a need to upsize or downsize their homes. Some of them are welcoming a growing family. Others are watching their adult children leave for college or their own homes. Therefore, moving into bigger or smaller homes to accommodate makes up a majority of moves.

How many times does an average New Yorker move – Job relocations

According to statistics, an average New Yorker holds a current job for an average of about five years. So, it’s possible that after five years, a person will land a new job in a new city or state. So, he needs to find movers on sites like to help relocate their homes.

Marriage or retirement

Marriage or retirements are major causes of relocations. A person may be just beginning a family and have to relocate. But, another person can be slowing down and focusing more on relaxation. If you’re one of those people make sure you know moving for retirement – what should you look for. Both of these life events are a reason to move. People are trying to find homes more suitable for their needs. 

Changing neighborhoods

There are many reasons why people may want to change neighborhoods. Perhaps they got a large bump in salary. So they want to move to a local, more upscale neighborhood. Then, perhaps their child is changing schools. Also, their current neighborhood may be changing either socially or economically. So, relocation seems the right option for them. Regardless of the reason, changing neighborhoods is another common motive to move. 

Neighborhood Street Bike
Changing the neighborhood is one of the reasons to move.

How many times does an average New Yorker move – In conclusion

When you decide to make one of your lifetime move, you wonder what happens next? Well, finding a reputable mover must be the top of your priority. Also, comparing moving estimates should be high on the list. With so many moves ahead for an average New Yorker, you have to be knowledgeable. It is vital to a successful relocation process.

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