Busy parents know how complicated it can be to keep their homes clean and tidy. When it comes to organizing, every tip that will simplify your home is a good one! So, keep reading to find some simple home-organizing tips for busy parents to help you keep your home in order even if you don’t have much time.

Keep it simple

If you and your partner are busy, one of the first home-organizing tips for busy parents to use is to keep your home simple. That means no excess furniture, no overcrowding of your home with decorations, and preferably – enough storage for the entire family. This tip might sound simple, but it is not as easy to achieve with kids at home.

The first thing you should do before cleaning and organizing your home is to decide which items you no longer use. Decluttering and minimizing is the best way to simplify the daily cleaning process. You can check for clothing items your kids have grown out of, find their old toys, and other items in your home you don’t use anymore. Once you minimize your inventory, you should create the most efficient storage space in your home.

Set up a daily routine

As a busy parent, you probably don’t have enough time to clean daily. However, keeping your home from being too messy will simplify your weekly cleaning process. You can engage your children in your daily routine if they are old enough. When tidying up the kitchen after a meal, ask them to pick up their plates. Or, they could fold their clean clothes or throw dirty ones in the bin. Setting up a daily routine will help you avoid getting a dirty and messy home that is hard to clean once a week.

A crowded studio apartment that only our home-organizing tips for busy parents can help with.
The fewer items you have in your home, the easier it will be to organize them.

Avoid hoarding

Sharing a living space with kids is known for one thing – there always seems to be too many toys, clothing, and accessories around. You must avoid potential hoarding if you don’t have much time to organize and clean your home. Make sure to declutter your and your kids’ stuff at least once every three months. Remember that the fewer items you keep in your home, the easier it will be to organize them.

Find smart storage solutions

If there is one thing busy parents love, it’s intelligent storage solutions. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or kids’ room, putting everything away (and fast) makes organizing easier. Too many things might be the reason for clutter in your home. So, if you want to be creative and efficient, invest in simple plastic bins and decorative boxes or install a couple more shelves in the kitchen or bathroom. Daily cleaning and organizing will be easier if you have enough space for your stuff.

Invest in smart cleaning products

Once we have covered organizing and simplifying your home, it’s time to think about the best cleaning products for busy parents. Simply put, you want to invest in cleaning products that are easy to use, safe for kids, and preferably – are multi-practical. For example, you can opt for eco-friendly washing products – they work well for the kitchen and bathroom. Also, it’s a good idea to buy a water vacuum cleaner – it will vacuum and disinfect the floors in your home.

A dirty plate an an open magazine on a table.
If your kids are old enough, let them help with the cleaning.

Use washable materials and fabrics

When cleaning their homes, all busy parents know how challenging this can be. We could say that children are experts at getting pillows, carpets, and bedsheets dirty. So, when choosing fabrics for your home, use the ones that are easier to maintain. A cotton cover for the sofa bed has been proven to be a great solution. You can wash, dry, and keep it clean easier than regular sofa material. Here are some tips busy parents should follow when choosing fabrics for their homes:

  • Avoid too many carpet areas. The fewer rugs you have at home, the easier it will be to clean the floors. If you want to adapt your home for kids, you can store your old carpets. Just secure your rug for transport and ask professionals to help you find a short-term or long-term storage facility.
  • Don’t keep 20 different pillows in your home. Let’s be real – pillows are a trend, so the more, the merrier, right? Well, if you ask busy parents, all these pillows will produce more dirty pillow covers that need to be washed. So, use only as few pillows as you need in your home.
  • Replace kitchen cloths with paper towels. That is one of the organizing tips for busy parents who have small kids. Since you’ll need to wipe something many times a day, using paper towels will be easier. Kitchen cloths look great and are visually more appealing, but they must be washed almost daily.
  • Keep wet wipes at hand at all times. That is the best solution if you don’t have time to grab your vacuum cleaner and a washcloth every time your child spills something. Wet wipes can clean almost any surface – wood, plastic, and even softer materials.
  • Create a safe place for kids to play. Lastly, if you and your partner are busy parents without too much time to clean, you can suggest a free space for kids to get dirty and messy. That can be their room or a corner in the living room.
A child involved in a creative activity while sitting at a desk at home.
Create a safe place for your kids to play in.

Choose a specific day in a week for detailed cleaning

If you keep your home relatively clean daily, you won’t have too much work during your weekly cleaning process. Once you declutter your home, talk to your partner about their schedule and set a day in a week for cleaning. If possible, busy parents should join each other and share household chores. However, if you are a single parent, consider minimizing the number of items you use in your home. That will make it easier to clean every week.

Conclusion on home-organizing tips for busy parents

Home organizing and cleaning can be tough for parents, and to be honest, most parents are busy parents. So, use our home-organizing tips for busy parents, and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Having kids goes hand in hand with a messy home, so keep it clean when you can. When you don’t feel like cleaning – the best thing you can do is spend some relaxing time with your kids and forget about the messy home!

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