As a businessman in New York, there are many factors to consider when trying to expand your business or moving it to New Jersey. Do not get us wrong, the Big Apple has many opportunities that can not be denied. Manhattan, as the center of business, has boundless possibilities to network and create long-lasting business connections. Even though New York comes with many chances for new businesses, it comes with a cost. New York has expensive real estate. So if you are thinking about renting an office, you are going to pay premium dollars. Generally, the cost of living in New York is high, and the cost of running a business is even higher. To help you with making your decision, you have to explore the benefits of moving your company to New Jersey.

​First on the list of benefits of moving your company to New Jersey is the location

By moving your business from New York to New Jersey, you will lose some perks that come with the Big Apple. However, New Jersey is not that far away from New York. If you research a little bit and chose a good location in New Jersey, you can be very close to NY. You will be able to reach New York in 20 minutes, keep your New York clientele. Get all of the benefits of NY but at a lower cost. You and your employees will still have to commute, but it will be worth it because you can still keep making the same money.

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The strategic location is one of the benefits of moving your company to New Jersey

When you chose a location in New Jersey for your office – get specialists to help you settle in. Reliable commercial movers will plan out your business move so that you do not have to lose out on work. They will get you into your New Jersey office with all of your things in one piece.

​New Jersey’s workforce is highly educated.

What makes or breaks every business? It is their employees. But when it comes to NJ, you do not have to worry about hiring unqualified people. About 40% of people in New Jersey above the age of 25 have at least bachelor’s degrees or higher. There are many perks of hiring educated employees:

  • One of the benefits of moving your company to New Jersey is because the educated hires are ready to adapt to any job.
  • They have a lot of knowledge and won’t be startled whenever problems arise.
  • As a company leader, educated workers can help you and ease up some stress. Because they can handle some of your work, and you can focus on big picture stuff.
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Education is key to a good business

When you start getting your new workers in your office in New Jersey, make sure to get some storage and ask the right question before renting a storage unit . You can never be completely certain that all of your stuff will fit in your new office.

​Third, on the list of benefits of moving your company to New Jersey is diversity.

According to World Population Review, New Jersey is the fourth most diverse state in America, while NY is in fifth place. The state has many different communities:

  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • African American
  • Asian

All of these minority groups can bring different insights into your daily business problems. The slight differences in culture will make your business have its way of dealing with obstacles and have a unique voice in the corporate world. To get your business set up in NJ, hire Big Man’s Moving Company. They offer many different services and will make your commercial move easy and safe.

​Let’s compare the cost of living between the Big Apple and the Garden State

We have mentioned at the beginning of this article that NY is cheaper than NJ. Let’s go more in-depth now. According to, which compared New Brunswick to New York, these are the differences in cost of living:

  • Utilities are 24% less expensive than in New York
  • Food & Groceries about 11% less expensive
  • Housing is 63,1% less expensive.

If you visit the site, you will find that every necessity is less expensive. However, some of you might add that if things are less expensive, then the salaries must be lower in New Jersey. You would be right. But remember our first benefit of moving your company to the Garden State, which is location. If you situate your business in the right place, you can keep the Big Apple salary and spend it in the cheaper New Jersey. A more affordable state will make your employees happier because they can afford additional things. Get money in a retirement fund or an emergency fund or just use it to have more fun. If you did some research, you can find the most affordable suburbs in New Jersey.

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You will save money in New Jersey

​The last on our list of benefits of moving your company to New Jersey is the Port Authority New York-New Jersey.

The Port Authority is the main center for any business that has to ship out its products. It is a transportation hub there are seaports, airports, railroads all tips of transportation. The port connects New York, New Jersey, and Staten Island. If you need to get products for your business or ship things out, placing your business near Port Authority is crucial. In addition, you will be able to stay in touch with New York and Staten Island.


There are many benefits of moving your company to New Jersey, we have shown you some of them. However, Garden State offers many possibilities. Get over the stereotypes set by many popular TV shows set in New Jersey and explore the state so that you can find the best place for your business.

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