One of the best states for raising a family in surely is New Jersey. It is an amazing state for dozens of reasons. New Jersey isn’t as expensive as it could be, it is also packed with fun entertainment options. It is a state with a great location and vacationing here is always a possibility. One of the most important things for people who are searching for a place to call home is safety. Luckily, there are plenty of safe New Jersey suburbs to choose from. But there is another thing that either makes or breaks the deal and you probably already can tell what it is. The cost! Affordability is very important, especially for the elderly and people with small children.

If planning on buying a house in a New Jersey suburb, you surely don’t want to overpay for a home. This is why you are on the search for affordable New Jersey suburbs. And there are plenty of them! So we have decided to sit down and write about a couple of them in case you were thinking about moving to New Jersey this year.


The first place we will tell you more about goes by the name Hopatcong. This is a very small town hence why it can be considered a suburb. It is actually a borough in Sussex County, situated in the north of the state on the lake Hopatcong. It is a very lovely place to live in, not only because of the lake but it sure is making this town ten times better. You have where to cool down during the hot summer days. You can also have a lot of fun fishing, boating, or just sitting by the lake. There is a reason why there are so many vacation homes in New Jersey and this is a very popular location for just that.

Lake in NJ.
You will love spending time by the lake with your family.

This is a very good place for starting a business or expanding a business. Hopatcong has a booming economy. The community here is very friendly and welcoming towards both new people and new businesses. You will be greeted nicely. If moving with children, your children will be welcome by the other kids as well. There are a couple of schools in the town. We did research and found out that 95% of parents state that the schools here are like nowhere else in the area.

The best part about moving to Hopatcong is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money for a home. Housing prices are very reasonable here. For a home where your family of three to five members would fit, you would have to pay around $150,000. This is not a big amount of money for a decent home. Plus have in mind that the place that you are moving to is amazing. Even if you live far away from Hopatcong, you can reach your new home quickly with the assistance of reliable movers.

Franklin Park

If searching for affordable New Jersey suburbs, Fraklin Park surely is a place to consider moving to. In 2018. it was proclaimed as one of the best yet most affordable places to live in New Jersey. Even now, it is still as affordable as it used to be. This indicates that moving here is the thing to do if pricing is most important to you. But there are plenty of other perks that we have to tell you about.

new jersey.
This is a very well-maintained town. It is tidy and clean.

Crime rates are very low here. Meaning this is a very safe place to live in. This is mostly why so many people moving here. There are both young people with children and the elderly moving to the town.

Franklin Park also has a healthy job market. There are plenty of business opportunities in Franklin Park which is another thing that attracts the young to the city. If you already have a business, you can relocate it to the city as well can assist with the task.

This is a very nicely put-together town. They do a great job of keeping the town nice and clean. There are not a lot of people on the streets as there aren’t plenty of people living here.

Gloucester City

Last but certainly not least is Gloucester City. Well it is the least affordable New Jersey suburbs out of the three we have mentioned but it surely is the best one to move to! It is a very old town, established in 1623. It has plenty of old homes but all of them look very nice as they have been maintained over the years. A lot of houses have been remodeled in a way to keep their original look. This gives a very special look to the city.

There is a dock here which is perfect for those who are planning on starting a business.

Housing is very affordable here. You could purchase a nice home for just around $120,000. This won’t be anything spectacular from the outside but you can surely invest more money into making the interior look a lot nicer and luxurious. Also, remodeling a home is always a possibility. Especially in places like this one where remodeling of certain homes is very welcome. There are a lot of people moving from New Jersey to NYC as they are searching for a different lifestyle but there aren’t plenty of people living in Gloucester City that are doing so or planning on doing so. Gloucester City has plenty of amenities.

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