Have you ever thought whether residential vs. commercial movers are the way to go for your upcoming relocation? Moving industry has become one of the most lucrative ones in the past few years. That is why many are trying their luck with relocation these days. That is a good thing for customers, as big competition always leads to decreasing prices and improving the quality of services. If you go online and simply type find a moving company, you will get a tremendous amount of results. And all of them will say that there are no better movers out there than them. And that is ok because, in advertising, everything is allowed.

But, this doesn’t mean you need to believe in everything you read. The truth is that there are some good and reliable moving companies out there, but they are in minority. And if you are moving any time soon, you will need to find such. And here we will go through the topic of residential vs. commercial movers.

Everything you need to know about moving services

Before you begin your research in order to find a reliable mover, you need to make sure that you know everything about moving services. And if you think that this is not a complex topic, you are wrong. Moving is so much more than the simple relocation of particular items. Or at least it is today when moving business has expanded a lot. In the beginning, it was simple – you schedule a date, movers come and load the truck, transport everything to the desired location and unload your stuff. Nowadays there are many other moving-related services that are expanding offer of movers on the market. Some of those are:

  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Cleaning
  • Space utilization
  • Storage
Storage units

When deciding whether residential vs. commercial movers are the way to go, think about storage solutions.

As you can see, it is something we could talk about the whole day. But what you need to know at this moment is that there are two types of how moving services are divided – distance and type of belongings. When it comes to distance there are local movers and long distance movers. Local movers are operating within the same city or covering a certain area. This is the most common moving service that people are using, hence many movers specialized local relocation. On the other side, people are using long distance moving service for relocations to another city, state or country.

Speaking about the type of transporting belongings there are also two moving types – residential (or home) and commercial (or business) relocations. Today we will guide you through all the differences between these two types of relocation. Residential vs. commercial movers is one of the “biggest battles” in the moving business.

Key features of residential movers

Residential, or home movers are specialized in home relocations. Therefore, these are the professionals that can help you move house. These companies are focused on individual clients, and they are targeting each and everyone. Home relocations are more often than the business ones, thus there is more job for moving agencies in this area. As a direct consequence of that, the competition is pretty big.

Every good and reliable residential mover will nurture relations with their clients, as they are the best advertising they can get. These companies often have a customer care department that will give each and every information to their potential clients. They are using common moving equipment and regular moving trucks. Usually, they have some sort of special service in their offer such as a piano moving service.

Living room

Residential movers are focusing on individual clients

Characteristics of commercial moving companies

Commercial, business or office movers are handling relocations in case you need to move your office or to establish a new one in a different city. Just like the residential movers they usually have both local and long distance moving services in their offer. But, they are not trying to target everyone, as their primary clients are companies. What`s important to realize is that commercial relocation is very different than the residential one. Business equipment can be very delicate, hence movers must go through extensive training and use specialized equipment. Additionally, as people are often using containers for such relocations, movers must have appropriate trucks. Sometimes they are offering other services such as office planning which is very beneficial for customers who want to use every corner of their office.

Residential vs. commercial movers – which to choose?

The answer to this question is very simple and depends only on your current needs. In case you are planning interstate relocation with kids, you are going to need residential movers. And not any kind of residential movers, but the long-distance ones. If you want to open a new office or move a current one, you will need to use commercial movers, as they have the necessary experience and equipment for such an undertaking.

What is important to realize is that when we speak about residential vs. commercial movers, there is one particular thing you should know. Some companies have both of these services in their offer. These are big moving agencies with a lot of experience and clients, hence they have a great reputation.

People shaking hands

Always look for movers with extensive experience

Now you are aware of all the differences regarding residential vs. commercial movers. What is important to realize is that your choice depends only on your needs. In case you need to move your business, office relocation specialists can come in handy. That is when you are going to look for moving company offering commercial moving service. If you are having a fresh start with your family in another city, state or country, you are going to need residential movers. But the most important thing is to find movers that are good, reliable and have an extensive experience with that particular moving service.

Make sure you stay away from fraudulent movers, as you could stay without your money, or even worse, your belongings. Therefore, if any red flag appears, be sure that you notice it. Choosing a bad mover is not a risk you can take, hence be smart and cautious and always choose wisely when it comes to residential vs. commercial movers.

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