Transferring your belongings during a move is a hard task to perform. Depending on the size of each item you must pack them differently and take great care to avoid any damage. Moving bigger things like a couch or wardrobe need professional assistance. Still, even if you scratch a sofa, you will still be able to sleep on it. When moving something as complex as a piano, we talk about moving on a whole other level. Even a small dent can change the sound, and you can throw it in the garbage. If that is not good enough reason to hire professionals when moving a piano, nothing else is.

Make a plan

Moving a piano requires special attention and a different approach. If you are to hire professionals when moving a piano, there are many things that you can do yourself before they arrive to help you. Think about the location of your piano. If it is upstairs, check if the stairs are wide enough for it. Another option is to move it through the window with a crane. Nonetheless, it is essential that you clear the path for the movers, so they could finish everything without any delays.

Myths about moving a piano

Before we venture into this adventure, let’s look at some myths about moving a piano:

  • any piano mover company will do
  • piano moving doesn’t require much preparation
  • it is easy to DIY

Know that none of these statements are true. While some moving tips and tricks that you can do, this is a complicated task and it requires special attention.

Piano keys

Your piano requires great attention and care when moving

Cleaning a piano

It would be a smart choice to clean the piano before movers arrive. You can use a combination of a damp cloth with a little soap and then finish with a dry cloth. Do the same for the keys but pay special attention here. Under any circumstances, you must not allow for the water to go inside where the strings are. Same goes if you are using any spray to protect the surface. Better to be safe than sorry, so spray the cloth and wipe the surface with it, do not spray it directly on the piano.

Prepare blankets and soft padding

In most cases when you hire professionals when moving a piano this will not be necessary. They have everything they need to perform this difficult task, still, it doesn’t always hurt to be ready.

Best way to hire professionals when moving a piano

If we are talking about something as complex as moving a piano, make sure to hire piano moving experts. One of our best picks is Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. When thinking about possible choices, they are not your regular mover company. They provide the top level of quality, which is precisely what you need. Handling something as bulky as a piano may prove to be tougher than it looks. This is exactly why you must make sure to hire piano moving experts, as they are accustomed to handling fragile equipment.

The combination of their experience and affordable prices is just what you need.

Hire professionals when moving a piano

Best to avoid this recklessness, hire professionals when moving a piano

How to prepare a piano for moving

There are a couple of steps that you can do before the piano moving experts take their part. Be sure to lock down spinet’s lid and the keyboard lid, if your piano has one. Communicate with the movers and check if you need to wrap the piano in any blankets. They may suggest some steps that you can perform on your own if necessary.

Prepare the new location for your piano

Think about where the piano will go before you decide to move it. If your new place in NYC is ready, make sure to clear the path for the movers so they can safely bring it inside. The floor needs to be clean, it will be much easier to do it while the piano is not in the room. Select the right spot for it. There is no need for movers to move it from one place to another until you decide where you want it.

Storing a piano

There are some alternatives to what to do with a piano if your place is not ready. The best option is to find a storage unit for itIn case you need to store your piano we advise that you check with your chosen piano moving experts. But, does that mean that you need to pick the first piano moving company you find? There are ways to find out if you are getting a quality service. You need to make sure that your piano is in good hands.

Image of a piano

A large piano needs to be packed and stored properly

Large pianos need to be packed and stored properly

Whether you are relocating or renovating your home, a storage unit is a perfect option for a piano. You can always rent an apartment as a second choice, but we advise against it. Even if you are going to live there until the entire process is complete, there is no need to torture your piano by moving it constantly from one location to another.

But, in case you need to store your piano, you will want more than just a storage unit.

If your piano is going to be stored in a storage unit, it will require constant attention. A piano moving company that provides quality service will have the right type of personnel for it. Someone to take care of your piano always. It will need to be cleaned and polished from time to time. If you leave it in an ordinary storage container you are risking a lot. Something as delicate as a piano needs the best possible attention, and this is the most important reason to hire professionals when moving a piano.

Leave your piano in good hands

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right help. To hire professionals when moving a piano means to think smart and protect your property. With the right company, you can be sure that your piano is protected and stored safely until you need it. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance!

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