When transporting a car, it is of utmost importance that you have a clear plan of necessary actions. Familiarizing yourself with all the steps that ought to be taken is a way by which you stay on top of the situation. Only by doing so will you ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and efficiently. In the text that follows, we will present the auto transport checklist that will to help you with this venture.

First and the most important step in your auto transport checklist – find a reliable company

As with any moving process, you want to start off by hiring a quality company. Professional movers help make this whole transition into a positive experience. That is why when moving your household, your best decision would be to hire AAA Insta-Move Orlando. When it comes to car transportation, we suggest that you do thorough research. Scope out companies that have proven to be reliable over the years. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues if they had any encounters worth sharing. Pay special attention to the reviews, whilst having in mind that experience matters greatly. Putting some time into this will pay off in the long run.

A vintage yellow car

Surely you think that your car deserves the best care, and we adamantly agree. For this reason alone, it’s best to find a reliable shipping company.

Mind the quotes

Most companies that provide auto transporting will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Additionally, it is encouraged that you ask them of any doubts and uncertainties that you might have regarding the shipping of your car. Prior to giving a quote, some companies ask for the desired date for the move, while others prefer to draft a quote using ballpark dates. If you are not yet ready for a quote given by a company, know that you can search the Internet for car shipping calculators and get the idea of how much it can cost. What’s important is to find a company that best suits your needs, wishes and possibilities. Compare the estimates from various movers and pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

Stop by your insurance company

If you want supplemental insurance, make sure to pay a visit to your insurance company one month before the move. A broker will be able to set it up for you once you give him the shipping date. If you are moving to a different state, there is one more reason to go to the insurance company, since updating your policy will be imminent. It’s worth noting, however, that many car transporting companies operate with plenty of coverage, making the additional insurance not particularly necessary in most cases.

Chores including the car itself

  1. Check the tires. Actually, double check your tires. You want them to be fully inflated and suitable for the conditions at your destination. This is best done one month to a few weeks before the trip, in case you need to replace the tires.
  2. Check the battery. A completely charged up battery is the way to go. Also, see that it is secure in its brackets. A loose battery can wreak havoc if it gets jostled too much during shipping, making this step very important on our auto transport checklist.
  3. Check the emergency brake. If you have any doubts about it working properly, make sure to check with your mechanic.
  4. Give your car a decent wash. Even without aesthetics in mind, this is an important chore in the car shipping process. Reason being that it will make it much easier to notice any bumps, scratches and other damage that might occur during the transport.
  5. Take photos of the exterior. Perform visual inspection and note existing imperfections. That way you will be sure whether the damage was inflicted during transportation or prior to it.
  6. Take a look under the hood. Any leaks or parts that are not tightly secured ought to be fixed before the trip.
A man looking under a car

An important step in the auto transport checklist is making sure your car doesn’t have any damages.

A few days before the transport, do the following

Regarding gas tank

How much gas in the tank you have depends on the type of move you are undertaking. Should you decide to move your offices via car, it’s best to have a full tank and a peace of mind. However, when you are transporting your car, you’d better keep the tank full up to a quarter of its volume. It will make the car lighter, thus easier to transport. In addition, it leaves less gas sloshing around during the move.

Remove and secure

Remove anything from the exterior of your vehicle that you can. This includes antennas, bike racks, ski racks, cargo boxes, and such. It will prevent potential damage and reduce the weight of the car. As for add-ons that cannot be removed, make sure to securely safeguard them using tape, bubble wrap, special coverings, and other forms of protection. When it comes to valuables, we are sure that you are familiar with the unwritten rule of not leaving them in the car during transport. Remove everything from emergency kit to automatic parking passes and toll tags to your spare change.

Take care of the alarm

Whether it’s disabling or removing it, see that it doesn’t go off during transportation. This point on our auto transport checklist is important because the drivers will do whatever it takes to stop an active alarm. So, make sure to prevent any possibility of the alarm accidentally going off.

Locate your spare key

And be sure to keep it by your side. It would be quite unwise to trust anyone with your only set of car keys. Keep a spare key and fob and bring it with you when your car is delivered, just in case.

A uniformed man holding car keys

Don’t give your only set of keys to the driver since it can get lost easily.

Say goodbye to your car

Come shipping day, make sure to be present so that you may sign the bill of lading. Inform the driver that came for your car of any intricacies and handling issues it might have, such as a sticky shifter or a particularly sensitive clutch. This will make the loading and unloading much safer and easier. If you followed each step on the auto transport checklist, your car is good to go. Happy travels to both of you!

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