Packing is part of every moving process. It is a task that takes people most of the time, as well as, energy. If you are moving long-distance, packing can be even more stressful. Local moves are usually less difficult. Deciding what to move is one part, and another is deciding what you shouldn’t pack when moving from Florida to NYC.

Why people are moving from FL to NYC?

What are common reasons to leave Florida and move to New York City and why do people make this decision in the first place. What are the pros of living in New York City and what does this city has to offer residents that other cities in Florida cannot?

Before you start to pack and move to NYC

Florida and New York are completely different states. They have different weather, lifestyle, and costs of living. If you have decided to leave Florida and start a new life in the famous New York City, know how to pack first.

Be sure about your decision and explore this city for its

  • Job opportunities
  • Strong economy
  • High salaries
  • Delicious food from all around the world
  • Social lifestyle
  • There is always something to do
  • Historical and art exposure
  • Great public transportation system
  • Diversity

Because of all of these advantages, you will adjust to new life in NYC with ease. Especially because you will find a lot of people from Florida.

A woman searching for a job.
The main reason for moving to NYC from Florida is a job opportunity

What you shouldn’t pack when moving from Florida to NYC

The time you will need for packing depends on the number of items you have to pack. If you are moving with family then you probably have more items than single persons. Also, having kids running around the house while you are packing, will distract you and slow down the packing process.

Besides items that are forbidden to move (no matter when you are moving to) such as hazardous items, fireworks, motor oil, weapons, perishable food, and propane tanks, there are some items that are not recommended to move. If you think twice when packing, you can save money and time.

#1 Plants

First of all, when moving long-distance, plants will be in a moving truck for a long time, which is not good for them.

Second of all, the climates in New York and Florida are completely different. It is a big temperature and air humidity change that your plants cannot survive. So, even if you have a climate-controlled moving vehicle, the climate in New York City is not for all types of plants.

#2 All your clothes

Florida has sunshine all year round, New York City is warm only during the summer months (Jun, July, and August). Why would you need all your summer clothes in New York when the weather is different. Packing is a great chance for you to declutter and get rid of all clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Packing for a kid
Before you start packing, know what to move and what to toss

#3 Food

Perishable food is forbidden to move and movers won’t take it. But also, you should not pack non-perishable because it is cheaper to buy new food after moving to New York than to pay more money for transportation.

#4 Furniture

The old furniture is not something that you should move. Keep in mind that you are moving to New York City where apartments are small and expensive. You probably won’t have enough space in your home for all your items. Move only small pieces of furniture you are sure can fit.

#5 Vehicle

If you own a car, you should not move your car to New York City because there is not enough parking space and the traffic jam is always crazy. Most people in NYC don’t drive a car. Usually, they are using a subway, which is the best in the world.

#6 Garage junk

Don’t waste your time and money on packing and moving your garage junk. Even if you have space in New York City for all those items, it is not worth moving them.

How to pack fast and easy?

Now when you know what you should and shouldn’t pack when moving from Florida to NYC, it is time to start packing. If you need to pack fast or you do know how to pack properly – what to do? You can simplify the process by hiring professional packing services in Florida. Experienced packers have all the right packing supplies, equipment, and knowledge to finish everything faster and safer. Also, this way you don’t have to look for moving boxes, because they have everything. When moving long-distance, items will travel many hours and they need extra protection.

How to transport items to New York with ease?

After researching what you should and shouldn’t pack when moving from Florida to NYC, it is time to think about transportation. How to move all the items safely and efficiently? Long-distance relocations are not easy. For example, the distance between Miami and New York City is around 1,300 miles. Which is a lot (19h of driving).

This is where professional movers from Miami that have experience with interstate moving can help. One of the places where you can find a reliable moving company is and also visit other official company’s websites.

A moving box with thongs you shouldn't pack when moving from Florida to NYC
After everything is packed, organize your upcoming relocation

What to do with items you won’t move?

In the end, you will have boxes with items you don’t want to move from Florida to NY. What to do with all those items? You probably have shoes, clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, books, and old kids’ toys. There are a couple of options to consider in this case if you don’t want to transport items long-distance. Recycle, donate, sell, throw away, and store them in a storage unit.

Items you shouldn’t pack when moving from Florida to NYC don’t need to go to the garbage. Organize a garage sale or so something nice and donate items to charity organizations.

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