Do you love the Florida lifestyle but you live in NY or want to move to NY soon? These two states are very different, starting from weather, to the job market and costs of living. Florida has sunny weather and lower costs of living, including housing. What are the reasons to leave Florida and move to New York City, what is has to offer? Luckily, NY has everything for everyone, it is a place with a lot of different opportunities.

These two states have many differences such as:

  • Climate
  • Job market
  • Beaches
  • Cost of living
  • Housing options
  • Taxes
  • Laws
Walking in the city after you leave Florida and move to New York City.
Explore NYC and see what it has to offer to residents. It is a city full of opportunities and fun places

Why leave Florida and move to New York City?

If you are moving from Florida to NYC for work and you must move, one of the things you will miss is hot and sunny weather and of course, beaches with beautiful white sand. But, there are many advantages to moving from FL to NYC.

A view of NYC at night.
NYC never sleeps so you won’t be bored – ever. Meet new people and enjoy the city

#1 Job opportunities

If you want a better career and a better job, NYC has more job opportunities, which you already know if you have been to NYC. If you are thinking of staying in NYC after finding a job, it may be a great option. You just need to find a place to live and to transport your household items from FL to NYC.

#2 NYC never sleeps

If you are looking for fun and amazing nightlife, NYC is a place for you. Almost everything works 24/7 and many restaurants and bars are working late. Just name it, NYC has it. You will not ever be bored because of the different events you can visit.

#3 Higher salaries

Besides different job opportunities and a strong job market, salaries in NYC are much higher. Yes, the costs of living are higher too, but a bigger salary may cover all your bills. You can save money on your relocation by hiring because they are affordable. Negotiate with a moving company and ask for some discounts too, in order to cut moving costs from FL to NYC.

#4 NYC is shoppers’ heaven

If you love to shop or you own a shop, NYC is the right place for you. Consider moving business from Florida to NY or if you are only a shopaholic, this place is heaven for you. All brands are located here, just name it.

#5 You don’t need a car

One of the reasons to leave Florida and move to New York City is their great subway system. You don’t need a car and most New Yorkers don’t own a car. Public transportation system can take you everywhere you want and it is more affordable than taxi or driving a car. Monthly MetroCard costs $127 or you can buy a one-way ticket or a ticket for 1 week.

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