New environment, new people, new home – you’ve arrived in New York! Moving across the country is surely exciting, and opens up a fresh chapter in life. However, adjusting to everything new around you can be challenging. Coming from Florida, New York can be a bit overwhelming, so it can take time for you to adapt. This guide is for those who plan on moving from Florida to New York – learn how to adapt your daily routine and get back on track in this new environment.

Don’t rush it

Florida and NYC are quite different, so it might take time to adjust. Don’t worry about it! Rushing the process can only make you skip some great moments and miss opportunities to enjoy. Becoming used to NYC is a process that you should enjoy every step of.

Have all the right apps

After moving from Florida to NYC, it’s time to switch to more NYC-appropriate apps on your phone. There are some great ones that can help you check the public transport, order food, find the best cafes, etc. Also, there are websites that can help with all the aspects of your move – help you find a moving team or a professional cleaner, get tips on how to pack faster, etc. Internet is your friend when adjusting to a new place, so make sure you use it whenever you need some help.

Get comfortable shoes

In NYC people walk everywhere. Even though there are a lot of transportation options, you’ll see most of the city on foot. That’s why you should invest in a pair of good-quality shoes and start exploring the city as soon as you arrive.

A woman and her dog in New York
Comfortable shoes and a furry friend – explore the city on foot!

Start calculating before moving from Florida to New York

One of the daily tasks you should start after moving from Florida to NYC is budgeting. Daily calculations of your expenses and planning the budget will help you in the long run. Everyone knows NYC is more expensive than most Florida cities, so it’s wise to start to carefully plan how you spend your money. Also, it’s smart to start planning your moving budget on time. City Movers recommend comparing a couple of quotes before making a final decision – know everything about the fees and services your moving team will provide.


After choosing a neighborhood that works best for you, try to explore the city as much as possible. Use before or after work hours to walk to your home and check out some new streets. NYC is a concrete jungle in the best possible way – there’s always something new to discover around the corner. This will help you get to know the city better, but also feel more comfortable as a newcomer.

Prepare for all the seasons

When you need to move from Florida to NYC, the biggest difference you’ll face is the weather. Unlike Florida, NYC has four distinct seasons, where winters tend to be rather cold. And this can be quite a shock for those who come from the Sunshine State. So, to avoid pleasant surprises, be sure to start shopping for some winter clothes and pack your summer outfits. If you’re not sure how to pack all those clothes to save space and money, experts can simplify the process for you. Contact pros to assist you with packing and moving from Florida, so you can arrive in NYC with less stress and more confidence.

winter in nyc
Winters are charming in NYC, but also very cold!

Adjusting your daily routine to NYC is not difficult. Just be sure you’re aware of all the changes you’ll face after moving from Florida to New York, so the adaptation goes a lot smoother. Welcome to NYC!

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