We all stopped ourselves from having fun in the last year or two during the global pandemic. Missing our families and spending holidays is what happened to the majority of people, so it’s time to make this holiday season special. Texas is one of the most popular states among international tourists, new residents, and US residents who simply want to explore the country. And holiday season may just be the right time for you to pay this amazing state a visit. Here are the main 6 reasons to spend holidays in Texas – and there are surely many more on the list!

1. You can choose the weather

A snowy Christmas is what people imagine is the perfect weather for the holidays. However, some people experience cold days throughout the year and wish to stay in a warmer place for the holidays. One of the amazing reasons to spend this magical time in Texas is that you can have it either way. Depending on your location, you can experience dreamlike snowy days, but also avoid freezing and have a fall-like Christmas day. You don’t have to be cold and cozy during holidays – you can go outside and be active on your days off!

christmas set up
In Texas, you can spend the holidays in a more pleasant climate.

2. You can have all the Christmas flowers you want

Poinsettias are very common in Texas. They make a perfect holiday decoration and remind you of Christmas wherever you go. They can be found all over Texas, so if you’re a flower-lover, you will definitely enjoy this!

3. All the amazing food

One of the things people from Texas don’t worry about is calories and food – especially during holidays. If you are into different meals each time during your stay, then Texas is the place for you. You can choose from different dressings, yams, cajun turkey meat, glazed ham, tamales, empanadas and so much more! These are all common dishes for Texans, you will definitely enjoy it and have a true foodie celebration!

4. All the decorations

Texas is one of the biggest states in the country. This also means many homes are huge, with even bigger yards in the front. So, when the holiday season comes, Texans enjoy decorating their homes and showing the Christmas spirit to all the passers-by. Houses are covered with LED lights, Santas, and raindeers, so it makes the neighborhoods all glowy and festive. So, if you decide to spend holidays in Texas, expect it to be as cheery as possible!

5. Holiday Parades in the Lone Star State

Texas is also known for its festive parades during the holiday season. Thousands of people gather to watch people dressed in different costumes, cheerleaders, light decorations, choir performances, etc. This is the opportunity to try out amazing street foods from the festive food trucks, participate in different kid-friendly activities, play games, listen to music and so much more. One thing is for sure – there will be no boredom!

Parades and fireworks are one of the reasons to spend the holiday season in Texas

6. You can spend holidays on the beach

If you don’t live in a coastal city, this may be the best reason to spend holidays in Texas. Galveston, Texas offers the visitors so much fun on the beach – parties, ice sculptures, and more. So, if you’re up for an unconventional holiday season – Texas is the right place to go.

If you decide to stay…

It’s not uncommon for people to decide to move to Texas after visiting. It’s one of the most desirable states, and once you decide to spend holidays in Texas – it’s easy to fall in love. Moving to another state can be scary tough and make you insecure about your decision. Fortunately, experts from heavenlymove.com have a couple of tips that will make the relocation as smooth as it can get.

Texas is a favorite among new residents – you can easily become one of them and move here!

Explore the new city beforehand

In case you want to move to the city you’ve spent your holidays in, it’s a good idea to explore it before the move. This will give you a rough idea of how it looks like to live there and help you prepare for the move. Exploring the city in advance will also shorten the adjustment period that comes after the moving day, as many things will be familiar.

Deal with the paperwork on time

Updating your address, documents and utilities can take a while, so make sure you start these processes on time. Sort out all the paperwork regarding your new home and all the important stuff before you even start packing.

Pack less

Dealing with all the boxes can be tough, so be sure to pack less. Remove all the unnecessary items from your home so there are fewer items to pack. Clearing out and decluttering your home will have multiple benefits – you’ll save money, time and energy on packing, but also feel better about your living space.


Very often, people need a place to store their items during a move. Short-term storage can be an easy solution for your belongings while you’re on the go. If you take some time to explore safe and convenient storage units, you can find a secure place for your items and don’t spend a lot of money on them.

Don’t be afraid to move in time for holidays

Moving to Texas is surely a great idea, but you shouldn’t postpone it just because the holiday season is coming. You can spend holidays in Texas while staying in your new home. Winter moves can also be smooth and stress-free, just be sure to plan them well and have someone experienced to rely on.

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