Too much can be said about Long Island. It’s such a large and densely populated area, and naturally, that means that it has its own big set of pros and cons. This is why today we are going to explore some of the most important pros and cons of moving to Long Island.

Most people plan on moving to Long Island

Most people still want to move to this magnificent place, and we think people would still want to move to it for a long time. It’s part of a New York metropolitan area, and New York is one of the biggest world centers. And almost everybody wants to move to it.

Moving to Long Island with car.
Most people still prefer moving to Long Island over many other places.

Long Island has a lot to offer. Whether you are an engineer, an artist, or someone who simply wants to be in one of the most developed areas in the world, chances are you are going to enjoy Long Island.

Moving to Long Island

Long Island, being such a gigantic place, has many good moving companies. Whether you are moving from the other side of the world, or you plan to move from another part of New York, you can be assured that you are going to find movers that can relocate you to it.

However, moving to Long Island can be complicated. As we already said, it is quite a densely populated area, and relocating both small and heavy belongings can be a challenge. This is why we would recommend you to leave the heavy lifting to experts.


Traffic on Long Island can be very diverse. In some parts, you won’t have any trouble cruising for many miles. However, some parts of Long Island are notorious for their slow traffic. Just ask movers from Divine Moving and Storage. They’ll tell you how awful traffic can be in some areas.

For example, Long Island Expressway has jokingly been called “the world’s longest parking lot”. This is why we would recommend trying a route you are going to use the most before buying a home in Long Island.


Property taxes in Long Island can be very high. Of course, that depends on where on Long Island you are living. Make sure to do your research when it comes to taxes.

Taxes and money.
Property taxes in Long Island can be very high.

Maybe it would be better to move to a place with lower taxes and still live on Long Island. Many people cite taxes as the number one reason for moving to other parts of this area. Also, taxes can change, in part due to real estate trends.


On average, the climate on Long Island is fine. However, you should expect hot summers and cold winters once you move to the area. Moreover, Long Island has its own fair share of natural disasters. For example, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on many parts of Long Island. Even though this is a rare occurrence, you have to keep in mind natural disasters when deciding where you want to buy a home before moving to Long Island.

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