The land of the rising sun or the city that never sleeps? Many ex-pats are wondering what it would be like to run a company in Japan. However, relocating a business is not that simple as it sounds. There are many things you should consider before making such a decision. Location, timing, finances, and other factors will determine every commercial relocation. However, if you’re thinking about Japan, you’re in the right place. This article will show you all the reasons why you should relocate your NYC company to Japan, and be sure this is the path to success.

New opportunities

When you start thinking about leaving NYC, it’s all about the change. Even though it can be terrifying, you should be aware of all the benefits. Moving your company to Japan will surely give you access to some new business opportunities. NYC is a great place that offers a lot, but sometimes, a successful move is related to a big change of environment. Very often business owners complain about too many opportunities in the Big Apple, which means the competition is fierce, despite the high demand.

A handshake with a new business partner once you relocate your NYC company to Japan
Think carefully before leavin New York as this is surely the city of opportunities.

Fresh start

Starting fresh in a new place can help change the way you do business, and simply breathe a new life into your company. A new country means new partners, clients, and customers, which can prove to be a huge step forward for your enterprise. NYC market might not be doing wonders for you while going abroad and starting fresh in Japan can skyrocket your ideas and business opportunities.

A strong economy

When you think about moving your business from the US, you need to have a suitable alternative in terms of finances and market. Japan has one of the strongest economies in the world, being third on the list of countries with the highest GDP. The country is responsible for 10% of the world’s economy, which makes it very attractive to new business owners.

Accessibility to the latest tech trends

Japan is a country of tech developments. One-quarter of high-tech items are made in Japan. So, easy access and lower prices to the latest gadgets and technology trends will give you an advantage over your competitor. Using new products in your business will ensure easier management and production. And if you’re a geek that loves new tech products – you’re going to love it in Japan.

Quick procedures

Japanese people hate wasting time. That’s why you’ll find it amazing that common procedures for starting a business are pretty short. It will take you just a week or two to set up your business. Also, developed infrastructure makes the delivery of goods and services much faster, which additionally accelerates the process of setting up. And if you need the services of third-party logistics, be sure to let experts handle this task. Letting pros help you out with fast and safe shipping is essential when starting a business in a foreign country.

Japanese customers

Even though the market in this country is pretty saturated, foreign business-owners can expect success. The reason is that USA businesses are considered exotic by the Japanese population, which makes running a business much easier, even with a lot of domestic competitors.

If you make it here, you can make it everywhere!

It is true that the way Japanese people do business requires hard work, high-standards, and patience. Therefore, if you decide to relocate your NYC company to Japan you can expect a sort of business education, too. This can serve as a way of training, to be able to succeed in different environments and satisfy a variety of clients.

How to relocate your NYC company to Japan?

Once you make the decision, it’s important to start making plans as soon as possible. Here are the main tips for a successful international commercial relocation.

Choose the best time to move

As you are making such a huge step, make sure you plan the process so you can choose the best timing. This will give you enough time to prepare for the move, take care of the paperwork, and ensure the easiest and safest arrival to Japan. Furthermore, avoiding peak season for your move can bring your lower rates. Either way, on-time preparation will ensure you gather all the necessary information and pick the best deal.

Work with professionals

Performing such an important task usually requires help from a professional. Hiring an experienced team from will ensure you get all the necessary information and support you need to move your business safely. Companies like this are experts in international relocations, so you can expect a smooth and simple move.

A group of people showing thumbs up
Make sure you frequently work with genuine professionals.

Prepare the budget

Let’s face it – commercial relocations can get expensive. However, this shouldn’t scare you. A solid plan and on-time preparation of your budget is the way to be ready for this adventure. If you have enough time to prepare and save money, your budget will be big enough to relocate with ease. Nevertheless, be sure to include all the costs in your budget plan. No matter how small or big these costs are, it is important you’re aware of them at all times. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary moving stress.

A calculator.
Calculate the potential costs carefully.


if you decide to relocate your NYC company to Japan – you will be doing a great thing for your business. Japan is a great, developed county that welcomes new business from the USA. However, you need to take the preparation and organization very seriously. On-time planning, reliable partners, and secure choices will ensure a stress-free and safe commercial move and ensure a good start of a new business chapter.

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