Maybe you have wondered how to apply the famous 3R guidelines to your upcoming relocation. The good news is that eco-friendly move is not something that will cost you. Instead, you’re likely to save. You won’t have to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. The trick is how you do it. And most importantly, there isn’t any bad news. Keep on reading and learn how to make your relocation an eco-friendly relocation!

Eco-friendly relocation for environmentally conscious

There aren’t many moving tricks that specifically describe a green move. The whole point is to follow the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle motto and apply it to your moving-related activities. When it comes to relocation, you should focus on how to reduce your inventory, reuse your packing material, and recycle what you can’t take with you. Additionally, you can select a company that has specialized in eco-friendly relocation.

Canvas bag with 3R motto inscription

Reduce, reuse, recycle to relocate eco-friendly

Reduce your inventory

The first and maybe the most important task is to reduce the number of things you will bring. The moving truck will use less fossil fuel if it’s lighter. Take your time to purge your inventory. Keep only the most important things and the ones you’re attached to. Everything else should find a new owner, either via yard sale or through gifts and donations. Being responsible for the environment means doing everything in our power to reduce the number of things ending in a landfill.

Reuse packing material for an eco-friendly relocation

There are several ways to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to packaging. First, you can use the packaging and containers you already have. All wrapped up, you can pack them into your available suitcases, duffel bags or even drawers. Second, you can ask for clean and sturdy cardboard boxes at your local grocery or bookstore or ask friends or neighbors who have recently moved to borrow you theirs. You can find used boxes online by looking on Craigslist for local people giving away their boxes and containers. Once you unpack at your new place, return the favor. If this is too much effort for you, simply ask for reusable containers. Moving companies will provide you with reusable packaging and take it back when you unpack.

Colorful dishcloth; Something you need to get rid off for an Eco-friendly relocation

You can wrap your belongings in towels, kitchen cloth or old newspaper

Recycle what you can

After you finish with downsizing your inventory, check with the local recycling center if they can take care of remaining unwanted or damaged items. Only if they can’t, feel free to dispose of them. If you have any old electric appliances you don’t plan to bring on your long-distance moving trip, recycle them. Once you move in, you should purchase energy-efficient products instead.

Relocate in one go

If you’re using the services of a moving company, make sure you relocate all at once. If you’re driving the rental truck yourself, plan the shortest, easiest route. Should you need to transport your car, do it via rail. Trains are considerably more eco-friendly than trucks. Before you leave your home (and once you move in) don’t forget to use natural cleaning solutions.

Eco-friendly relocation, if done right, has a great positive impact on the environment.

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