Industries thrive in a good environment. Fortunately, Alabama has proven to be a great environment for industries. Furthermore, the industries in Alabama have grown so much that it is safe to move there and find some work. If you are not certain about the Alabama industries, we have prepared a short guide for you. Hopefully, you will see something that might interest you!

The automotive industries in Alabama

Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and many others are a part of the automotive industries in Alabama. This state is starting to become a very important car-building center of the United States of America. Actually, it is not only starting to become a very important car-building center, it IS a very important one! The state of Alabama produces more than 25% of the total amount of passenger vehicles in the USA. If you are an expert in cars, then what are you waiting for? Call professional movers with experience in moving businesses and move to Alabama right now. Trust us, you will find some of the best work in the state in the automotive industry there!

The Mercedes-Benz Plant in Alabama

The Mercedes-Benz Plant in Alabama

The chemical industries in Alabama

Alabama is not only famous for building cars, its chemical industry is also amazing! Alabama has more than 200 chemical companies. All of them are working and they are perfect for you if you are a chemist. The chemical manufacturing industry offers a lot of job opportunities. Furthermore, it is developing as we speak. Modern technology develops fast. If you are interested, feel free to check it out! Besides, if you want to move to Alabama for its chemistry branch, you will not regret it – both in job vacancies and in beautiful environment. Alabama is one of the best countries in the United States of America for sure!

Technological industry

Nothing goes without technology. Fortunately, Alabama is quite good with it! Moreover, it is so good that people are moving to Alabama just for work! Don’t worry! You don’t have to be moving during the winter to get a job there. Plenty of new jobs throughout the year. This makes Alabama one of the best states for work, if you are interested, of course. Alabama is all about computers. If you are an IT expert, you will find it interesting there. Furthermore, if you are a college student, you will also find it interesting there. There is everything for everyone. Trust us, we know what we are talking about.

However, there are also some other interesting technological things in Alabama. For example, the electronics industry. As a part of the technological industry, the electronics industry also progresses. If you are an electrician, pack your bags and go there. You will love it!


The timberland in Alabama is the third largest in the United States of America. This fact alone makes the forestry profitable in the long run. If you are into nature and would like to work in this field, then Alabama is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, $13 billion is produced annually in this industry in Alabama. There is work to be had if you are willing to work. Alabama is not an exception. First in pulp production and third in paper production in the US, Alabama offers a lot of possibilities for the future. Learn how to prepare for long distance moving and go to Alabama. If you are not interested in work, at least you will enjoy the beautiful nature there!

A house.

Rickard’s Mill, Alabama – Next to a beautiful forest


If you know someone from Alabama, you might hear that they sent the man to the Moon. This is actually true, because Huntsville was the location of NASA’s building of the rocket which carried us to our satellite. This industry in Alabama is more than 100 years old. The famous Wright brothers founded a flight school there in 1910. If you are into airplanes and space, you will find it interesting in here. This industry is also developing quite fast. New technologies help with that immensely. This time forget about the bus! Go to the airport and air freight your stuff to Alabama. You will certainly be happy with their service!

The Wright Brothers - Pioneers of flying!

The Wright Brothers – Pioneers of flying!

The Wright Brothers – Pioneers of flying!

Things of interest

Jobs – There are a lot of jobs in Alabama. If you are into the industry, all the better then. We have made this list to help you decide better! Moreover, we can guarantee the quality.

Sites – Alabama is not only industry. It has a lot of beautiful sights for you to see. Who knows, maybe you will like them so much you will move there?

Business – As with every modern country, business in Alabama is great. If you are into that, you will find it more than satisfying!

People – Industry will not improve without the people. People in Alabama are one of the best in the world! Definitely worth meeting!

Other important industries

  • Agriculture – Agriculture is very important in Alabama. The state produces 18% in crops with Greenhouse, nursery and sod products leading the way!
  • Livestock – Alabama produces about 12% of the nation’s broilers.
  • Fishing – Fishing is big in Alabama. This industry is still developing, but it will soon become quite relevant.
  • Mining – Alabama is the leading producer of marble. If you are into mining, you would love it there.

Things to keep in mind about industries in Alabama

While the industry is growing, it does not mean that it will always be so. Some things can happen for better or for worse. Hopefully, the industry in Alabama remains at least on the same level as it is now, for it is certainly one of the best American industries in general. Moreover, chances are that other industry branches will show up or improve. For example, Alabama has a lot of fishing potential. Lake Martin or Lewis Smith Lake offer a great opportunity to increase the fishing industry. Why not add another industry to the list of top industries in Alabama? it will only increase their popularity. Overall, Alabama is a beautiful state. Rich in industry, rich in life and rich in people. It is one of the best states in the US! Prove us wrong!

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