Many studies have shown that happy workers are usually more productive workers. Now, one way to make employees happy is by providing them with an inspiring environment. Now, just imagine walking into an office with bold colors and lots of daylight, an office designed in a way to enable the workers to interact. Then, on the opposite, you know what it’s like walking into your old boring NYC office. The dim-light, partitions around desks, and boring colors don’t do any favors to staff and the overall productivity. Actually, this might be just the reason for not enjoying the benefits of expanding your business to NYC. So, check out some of the tips for making a vibrant new workspace. Once you see the effects, you’ll wish you had done it earlier.

vibrant new workspace
 Vibrant office makes all the difference

Is there hope for your old office to become a vibrant new workspace?

You might think that your boring NYC office is simply hopeless and that the only way is to relocate to another space. WhileĀ NYC has amazing movers to help you with this, you should try out these tips for making a vibrant new workspace.

Plants can make any space come to life

No one should underestimate the power of plants. Did you know that studies show that plants can boost employee performance in a working environment? Actually one study showed that a plant per square meter significantly improved employee performance on memory retention. It seems that every employee should be able to see the plant from their desk. As there’s something like a plant that can get you psychologically engaged during work, you work better and you are happier during working. How important similar studies are, best show the fact that a lot of businesses are incorporated nature life into their offices, even by putting living walls.

Connection is important

Modern businesses opt for open-plan layouts, and that’s not a coincidence. Research shows than this kind of layout is important for the company’s work satisfaction. The reason is that it allows the connection and communication between employees. As you can see, if you want the environment that will encourage generating innovative and creative ideas, you should remove physical boundaries. But, if you would want to try this out, but it’s impossible because you have too much stuff in the office, don’t worry. There are storage solutions for different purposes that you can turn to. Also, by removing the stuff you don’t need in your office, space will “breathe” more easily.

Distractions are helpful

It might not see too logical at first, but other than plants, some things can provide motivation for work, instead of distracting the employees. Artwork, vibrant pictures, interesting souvenirs, and other kinds of pleasing distractions boost morale and creativity and help reduce stress in the office. So, a simple way of making a vibrant new workspace is by hanging a colorful image. Once you see the effect, you can continue with other smaller details and end up with nicely designed, modern furniture.

Play with colors when making a vibrant new workspace

Colors can make all the difference. You might be working in New York’s next popular neighborhood, but it doesn’t matter if your office is dull. And you can change by introducing more colors. The colors have a significant effect on morale in the office and productivity. And while there are numerous studies supporting this, you need only common sense to see the reason behind it. If boring colors prevail in your old NYC office, you know that it doesn’t do anyone a favor. However, combinations of yellow, red, green, and blue have quite the opposite effect. Also, some colors are better suited for certain kinds of businesses. For example, yellow is said to be suited for the environment where creativity is important.


An office that’s badly lit, that doesn’t have enough daylight is not a happy workplace. You can have all of the fluorescent tubes you want, and it won’t make any difference. Well, artificial lighting is important in making your office lit during cloudy days or winter, but the natural daylight is essential. This means that you should open the blinds and try to have reflective surfaces in the office.

For example, white color reflects the light well, so this is a good choice for your office walls. And what about those vibrant colors from before, you might ask? Well, you can introduce the details with vibrant colors, or have one wall with these colors, while keeping the rest of it white. Or incorporate glass surfaces in your office, for walls or tables. Or why even think about it, you can leave it up to designers to make the best out of your office space.

Apple devices in a white office.
 Natural daylight and white color are the right combo.

Keep it flexible

Keep it flexible with your furniture and your space. You don’t want to have rows upon rows fixated together, as it doesn’t give you ability to experiment with space. Also, it’s good to be flexible as it gives you a chance to adapt when the potential for growth arises. Also, consider getting moveable partitions and flexible furniture that can be used for different purposes.

Introduce a common space

As said before, it’s important that employees are able to connect in the office, as they are more likely to share their ideas. Besides, if is there a better way of making a vibrant new workspace than by filling it up with loud voices of people sharing their ideas. You can do this by giving the employees a common space. These are some suggestions:

  • playroom
  • cafe
  • common kitchen
  • or another idea for any common space
Common space is important.

Besides, consider instituting an open door policy, if managers and head-decision makers have their own separate offices. This can also lead to the more vibrant energy of the workplace, as it encourages the connection between subordinates and superiors.

If you think tips for making a vibrant new workspace aren’t enough

First, you should try these tips for making a vibrant new workspace from your old NYC office. However, if you think that it’ll cost more to make to do that than to simply relocate to a new space, consider relocating and starting over. In that case, here’s the Brooklyn relocation guide that you might find useful. Either way, in order to make this new space better for work and creativity, all of these tips will come in handy.

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