You have lived in your apartment in New York City for a long time, and you have grown to love it. But the time has come for you to sell it and start a new chapter in your life. Maybe you want to move to a different city or a new place – it does not matter. Before selling your apartment, you have to know if you are ready and what to expectCompany Listings NYC will tell you about things to consider before selling your NYC apartment.

Are you ready to commit to selling your NYC apartment?

The first thing to mull over is if you are ready to go through the selling process. Even though you live in the Big Apple, where everybody is looking for an apartment, the selling process will not be quick. It can take a long time to sell your place, even in the most popular NYC suburbs, and here is why. 

  • First, selling your NYC apartment will be difficult because they are expensive. The average cost of a place in New York City is around 1 million dollars, so anybody looking to buy will have to think things over.
  • The second reason it will take some time before selling your apartment is that you have to find a reliable realtor that can help you expedite the process. 
  • Third, you will have to find a new place as comfortable as your old one, which can also take a lot of time. 
  • Finally, when you complete selling your apartment and buy a new place in the Big Apple, you will have to find movers to ease your relocation.
man in black thinking, learn about selling your NYC apartment
Think about every detail of selling your NYC apartment before committing to the process.

Skilled moving professionals in New York City are plentiful, but you will not go wrong with Eagle Van Lines as your movers. But if they do not meet your relocation needs, you can always look for other options local to NYC. 

Consider how long it will take to sell your Big Apple apartment 

The second thing to account for before putting your apartment on the housing market is the time it will take to sell it. As we have already mentioned, your apartment will not fly away from the NYC housing market. It will take time for it to sell. Usually, you will have to wait anywhere between two and six months to complete the sale of your Big Apple apartment. 

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Apartments do not “fly off” the housing market even in New York City!

It takes a long time because the seller and the buyer have many steps to go through before the sale is finalized. The seller has to marketize his apartment so it is an appealing listing. And find a real estate agent to help him with the sale. In addition, they have to stage the place invitingly to increase the chances of selling. On the other hand, the buyer has to also look for a realtor. Deal with the co-op board to see if they are an acceptable applicant. And the most challenging task – getting pre-approved for a mortgage to finance the buy of your Big Apple property. So finalizing all the steps mentioned above can take anywhere between two and six months. 

How much does it cost to sell your NYC apartment?

The third thing to think over is the price of your Big Apple apartment. To help you put a price on your home, we will tell you the average cost of a place in New York City. The two most crucial factors in determining the price of your apartment are size and location. A studio apartment in Queens will not cost the same as a studio in Manhattan. 

If you were selling a condo in New York City, the median sale price would be around 1 million dollars. But if it is Manhattan, the cost can jump up to two or even three million dollars. Coops and houses are valued less than condos. But since you are selling an apartment, we will only tell you how much you can sell your cooperative. The median sale price for a coop in the Big Apple is around half a million dollars.

 Now that you know the average cost of apartments in New York City, you can begin to put a value on your own. But make sure to adjust for size, location, and the state of your apartment. A maintained apartment will cost less than the well-kept one, no matter where you sell. If you price your apartment correctly, you will be moving out fast. You will need to engage experts in the process – local New York City movers who can assist with your residential move. 

 Selling your NYC apartment with the help of a real estate agent 

Before selling your place in the Big Apple, think about if you need assistance in the process. A local New York City real estate agent is the best person to help you sell your home. They can help you put your home on the market and present it invitingly to potential buyers. In addition, they know the Big Apple housing market and can help you put a realistic price on your apartment. 

a female realtor shaking hands with here client
A local Big Apple realtor will sell your apartment fast and for a reasonable price.

To find a reliable real estate agent in the Big Apple, you should look on the internet. But the bulletproof way is to get a recommendation. When you find someone you like, interview them before letting them sell your place in the Big Apple. With the help of a realtor, you will be moving out your bulky furniture fast and moving it into your new home. 

You are ready to sell your place in New York City 

If you think about the things we mentioned above before selling your NYC apartment, you will not struggle to find a buyer. Soon enough, you will be relaxing in your new place with the money you got from your apartment sale.

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