One of the biggest dangers of visiting Maui is that you will immediately fall in love with it. It is a paradise on Earth that attracts many visitors. But even though it is a popular destination, it has a small population. Only 1 in 10 people live here compared to the rest of Hawaii. Naturally, what better place to buy a home and enjoy the rest of your life. Even though it might look small, it has 30 miles of beautiful beaches stretching all around the island. With the national park, the mountains, and forests, it is a place that offers a perfect escape from a busy metropolitan life. It is why moving from New York to Maui is a decision that you will never regret. Best of all, you will not get bored here no matter how much you enjoy the urban setting. So here is everything you need to know to make the relocation smooth and problem-free.

Before moving from New York to Maui, pick the right location to settle

Every town in Maui is unique and has a different atmosphere. Thus, it would be best if you did not choose the place of your new home blindly. Instead, visit the island and take a look around. You will immediately notice that no matter how much you read about it, nothing compares to the here-and-now experience. Before, you might have doubts, but you will know exactly which Maui neighborhood is right for you once you see it for yourself. You can ask your furniture movers about different neighborhoods. You might enjoy the rainforest Haiku and Hana, but do not forget that there will be plenty of rainfall. Or you prefer more the open plains of Upcountry and their volcanic look. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Lahaina. However, even though it has beautiful beaches and rich history, it tends to be crowded. Before you decide on moving from New York to Maui, talk to the locals and get a feel of the land. Or check out the official site of Maui. That way, you will not make a mistake. 

A house surrounded by palm trees.
There is no shortage of beautiful homes anywhere on Maui.

Prepare your finances

Living in New York is quite expensive. In fact, the cost of living in the Big Apple can be 147% higher than the rest of the country. Thus, you will have no problem adjusting to the high cost of living in Hawaii. Also, there is no shortage of properties as the Maui real estate market continues to boom. You can find single-family homes for $900.000 and condos for around $560.000. And if you decide to rent, a three-bedroom apartment will go for an average of $3000 and a studio for $2.800. Likewise, the cost of utilities and groceries is not cheap. As of this moment, the price of essential items like eggs, bread, and milk is 169% higher than the average, yet still ok compared to New York. Still, you can save up by finding some free moving supplies!

Keys in hand in front of the lock.
Make sure you have the support of a good real estate agent when you go shopping for a home.

Find reliable moving professionals

For a successful move from New York to Maui, it is of the essence that you have a good plan with all the steps. That way, you will avoid making any mistakes that can cost you time, money, and energy. Also, when moving overseas, you will need the assistance of an international moving company because with your belongings in the safe hands of professionals, you will have a stress-free relocation. They offer a variety of transportation solutions from ocean to air freight, so the only thing you need to decide is which one best suits your deadlines and budget. It is one of the most cost-effective ways because you do not have to waste time researching the prices of airlines and freighters. It is especially true if you decide to also ship your car, which will cost you around $1.200. Likewise, professional movers are well informed about the laws and regulations when entering the State of Hawaii. Thus, you do not have to worry about any paperwork, for they will take care of everything.  

Pack your household

People who have relocated to Maui from New York will tell you to pack as little as possible because, with less stuff, the relocation will be cheaper. Likewise, if you enjoy traveling and wish to earn some money on the side, you will have more luck renting your Maui home if it is not cramped. So before you begin packing, declutter your home. If you’re relocating with a pet, take special care! Do not hesitate to throw away everything too old or broken. You can donate them to a charitable organization or have a yard sale. Once you finish, start looking for moving companies. Avoid movers that give you estimates over the phone or an email. The professional ones will always send a person to evaluate how much there is to transport. Ask a few companies for quotes and compare prices until you find the one that best fits your budget. 

Hands taping a box with a duct tape for moving from New York to Maui.
When moving from New York to Maui, pack everything yourself and save money.

Start hunting for a job

If you do not work remotely and you need a job as soon as you land, it is best to start hunting for a few months before the move. Purchasing real estate and the cost of moving from New York to Maui will most definitely put a dent in your finances. Therefore, you will need a source of income as soon as possible. The majority of jobs on the island are associated with tourism, so you will have the most luck finding a job connected to any of the hospitality branches. Likewise, civic work, agriculture, and science positions are available. If you do not have any experience in these, you might also consider looking for remote jobs, especially as there are many opportunities now with people avoiding offices. But do not wait last minute, because it can take up to six months to find something you will enjoy doing long term

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