Moving is a stressful process, but moving with your puppy can be even more stressful! That is why you will need to spend some more time preparing and planning for that move! Luckily for you, our experts from Company Listing NYC asked around and got us some very useful tips! Let’s dive in and find out how to prepare for international relocation with your dog!

Plan ahead

Moving your dog abroad is unquestionably more complicated than simply purchasing a ticket, and boarding a plane. Depending on where you’re moving from and to, and whether there are animals involved, the process of moving them can take anywhere from 3 months to a year. Realistic timeframes should be taken into account from the start of the move to ensure that your dog can join you in your new life right away rather than needing to accompany you afterward. We recommend you research movers, and rely on the best ones! That way you will know that your stuff is in safe hands!

A happy dog after an international relocation with your dog.
Planning is key when you are organizing an international relocation with your dog!

Visit your vet

Prior to any overseas move, it is essential that you speak with a reputable veterinarian. They will let you know about any worries related to your pet’s health. Also, go over how the relocation may affect them. Most importantly, go over what is required for the area you’re visiting so that vaccines are totally updated. If your pet needs any prescription medication, it’s recommended that you try to stock up.

Research the laws

This part will require much investigation because pet import regulations vary from one nation to the next. For a general idea of what each nation is seeking and how stringent they are about allowing different types and breeds in relation to rabies, there are incredible online resources. Visit government websites or even subreddits for useful information. This is crucial if you have certain breeds like:

  • Rottweiler,
  • American Pitbull,
  • American Stafford,

Or other similar dog breeds that might be illegal. That is why it is crucial to do thorough and proper research before moving.


Sometimes the timing of your move is out of your control and must be completed quickly in order to take advantage of a new job offer or the perfect housing that has become available. If this is the case, you should think about moving your pet at a later date when you’re settled and have enough time to finalize all of the necessary paperwork.

Dog on a yellow background.
Timing is very important because your dog might have to stay behind!

While you are away, you will have to have someone take care of your dog. Ask your friends and family, and if they aren’t available, research dog hotels. Dog hotels are a great option if you can afford them. They will guarantee your dog, and your pet will make some new friends! If that option doesn’t work for you, you will probably have to help your dog deal with moving stress. But, the stress will pass, and you will be happy in no time!

In conclusion

There are many things that you should keep in mind when organizing an international relocation with your dog. By following these tips, you will be set for a successful and easy move!

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