College time is an exciting period for every student. They leave their home and start a new adventure somewhere far away. But, before all that, they first have to decide what they will bring with them and what they will leave behind for their long-distance moving. If you are a student, bear in mind that college will be a time when you will acquire new hobbies, satisfy curiosities, and indulge in old ones. So, when you combine all these things, plus things related to your college career and all the necessities you need for your daily life, you might find yourself in trouble. And why is that? Because, when it comes to your accommodation for the next four years, you will be living either in a tiny dorm or sharing a small apartment with roommates. This is when you will learn the benefits of self-storage for students. 

Flexible lease terms are one of the benefits of self-storage for students

We all know that college students are not always the most responsible when it comes to money. But, again, there is a solution. You can rent a storage facility that offers flexible lease terms. That is one of the best benefits of self-storage for students. You can choose a monthly lease plan, and with it, you will be able to rent and pay for that storage only when you need it. Moreover, many storage facilities near campuses offer some kind of discounts for students. For example, you can get the first month free, or get a 50% off for the first couple of months and similar. So, do some research before you pack all your belongings in Capital City Bins eco-friendly, high-quality storage boxes and call movers to relocate you.

A woman reading about all the benefits of self-storage for students on her laptop

Do some research before you sign a lease with a storage facility. See all the benefits of self-storage for students before renting one.

More room for you – one of the benefits of self-storage students love

As mentioned before, the college will be a time when you will try many new things. Besides having new people around you and new experiences for life, you will have new hobbies, new subjects, and many new things. And for that, you will need space. And a lot of it! If you are like most of the students, you will be living in a dorm. So, you will have to adjust to tiny living, and in that case, you will not have enough space to store anything but necessities. Or, there is an option of sharing an apartment with roommates, but believe us, it is the same thing when it comes to the space you will have. If you want to live like a regular student and have all the experiences that come with it, you cannot do it by being over-crowded with your stuff. So, in both situations, you will realize that self-storage is what you need. You will always have a place for storing all of your belongings, and that is one of the most important benefits of self-storage for students.

Maximum security

And, when talking about all the benefits of self-storage for students, we have to mention the maximum security it provides. Just imagine, you were home for the weekend or you went on a trip, and when you came home you found out that your roommates have had a party and all your textbooks and clothes are either missing or completely ruined. Sounds like hell, right? We agree! But you cannot escape from that. College students will always have parties, and your belongings will never be really safe. That is for sure. But, you can prevent your belongings being damaged or lost by placing them in affordable bins you can use for storage and locking them in your own storage facility. That way, you will always know the location of your items. And, most importantly, you will know that your items are always safe.

Storage facilities

Storage facilities offer the best protection for your belongings.


You will not burden your parents

We all know how big hoarders students can be. From all the notebooks and textbooks to hobbies and clothes. Students will accumulate so many things in just a few months. Of course, their dorm or a shared apartment cannot hold all of that, so students turn to their parents. That is, each time they come home to visit their parents, they leave all sorts of things behind. So, their old room in their parents’ house turns into a storage facility on its own. But, why not save your parents form all that trouble and give them that extra room they have always wanted? They can turn that room into a guest bedroom, an office, a gym or something fourth. Just store all your belongings in a storage facility close to your campus. That way you will always be a couple of minutes away from all the things you might need. And that is also another great idea of why to rent a storage unit.

pile of suitcases

Sending your belongings to your parents’ house and then coming back for them can be time, money and energy-consuming process.

Proximity to everything you might need

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, when students do not know what to do with their belongings that are overcrowding their room, they simply send them to their parents’ house. And then, when they need them back, they travel back to get them. It is a tiring process. What if you take some textbooks home, but realize that you need them after all? Well, unless you live close to your parents, you will have to buy new ones. The same goes for furniture, appliances, clothes, and basically everything in your dorm. So, save yourself, and your parents from that trouble and rent storage. Being close to all your belongings is also one of the most important benefits of self-storage for students.

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