California is an amazing state to live in with your family. This is why plenty of NYC families have been moving to various places in California is. Most of them are content with the decision that they have made. Relocating from one coast to another is not easy. It is a very long-distance relocation and it can be very stressful. But moving to California sure is worth it if you want the best for your family. And if that is the case, here is where you will read what are the best and most favorite places in California among NYC families.

Huntington Beach

As you are moving from a colder to a warmer climate, you might want to live near the beach. And if that is so, Huntington Beach is a place you will absolutely adore. Many NYC families already do. Huntington Beach is located relatively close to Los Angeles which certainly is a big plus. As you are used to living in New York City, moving to a suburb far away from a big city would be a drastic change. And for some, it might be hard to handle.

Huntington beach port.
This is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in California. Living here with your family is nothing but a good idea.

But Huntington Beach is definitely the best of both worlds. It is a peaceful, coastal town. It is very safe and has lots of things that you can do in your free time. Huntington Beach is close to Los Angeles but far away for it to be more affordable. It is a good location for young professionals to move to.

Houses in this area are beautiful and worth the money. To make relocation from NYC to Huntington Beach easier, let experts lead the way. Having a stress-free move will make settling in easier and faster.

Laguna Beach

If you want to live in a town with fewer tourists a bit further away from Los Angeles yet still on the coast, there are plenty of options. One of the best ones is Laguna Beach which is located south of Huntington Beach. Laguna Beach has plenty of things for you and your family to do even though it is a small town. One of the places you will love going to certainly is the public beach. Crescent Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches according to many people.

Laguna Beach.
One of the towns with the nicest beaches is a favorite place in California for many New Yorkers.

Laguna Beach is peaceful and quiet but there is always something fun for you to do here. There are bars and restaurants where you can eat fresh seafood and listen to live music. The housing in this town is great as well and not expensive. You can relocate to Laguna Beach with the help of all the way from New York City.


If living in a big city is important for you yet LA is just not the place you want to live in, Irvine is the perfect option. It is affordable and family-friendly. There are lots of parks and fun places to take your children to. Irvine also has some amazing primary schools as well as high schools. This is a very lovely town for the elderly as well which is why moving for retirement to Irvine is a good idea. There are plenty of medical centers in the area which is why it is also one of the best places in California for NYC retirees to move to.

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