As the due date draws near, one of the most creative ways to keep yourself occupied is to organize the space for your new arrival. Nursery decorating is especially exciting, as this will be the place where you will spend the precious early days together. Space should be inviting and cozy, yet safe and functional too, but how do you put it off? Worry not, as we’ve gathered some of the best decorative ideas for your nursery, so read away!

The main investment piece – the crib

First off, the centerpiece in the room and the main investment should be the crib. Don’t treat it like it’s a temporary item since many kids end up sleeping in their cribs until they are four or even until school. Plus, if you’re planning to have more kids, a sturdy crib is worth the expense. Some cribs can even be converted to toddler beds, which is great if you’re moving into a smaller apartment. It’s also important to make sure the crib meets all US safety standards. Remember, this is the only place you’ll leave your child alone, so quality and safety are paramount. When it comes to decorating ideas, hanging toy mobiles above it is a classic.

a crib and pictures above it as one of decorating ideas

A sturdy crib that can be converted to a toddler bed is one of the great nursery decorating ideas for your child’s room

Creative storage space as a nursery decorating idea

The crib may the most important part of a nursery, but storage space is the second most important thing in the room. Let’s face it, babies require lots of things, from nappies and baby wipes to toys and clothes. That’s why you’ll need to have a space for built-in storage – shelves, drawers, caddies, anything will do! When looking at decorating ideas for storage space, first off it’s important to choose something that will fit your needs for years to come. After all, your kid won’t be in diapers forever, so make sure the bins find their new purpose in the house later on. If nothing else, they can serve you well during the moving process, and a company like can easily relocate them for you. All in all, when it comes to storage, it’s practicality over aesthetics!

a playroom

Accessories are welcome as decorating ideas, but make sure they don’t take too much space in the room

A colorful feature wall

Yes, it’s usually recommended not to go overboard with the nursery colors, so many parents stick with neutral tones. However, why not mix things up a bit and create a brightly colored feature wall? We all know that colors affect our emotional responses, so why not stimulate our baby’s senses with primary colors wallpaper? Wall stickers with animals or Disney characters are among the most popular ones, but you’re free to get creative and make or order one yourself. What about an interactive wall map which can be updated as your child grows and learns. Plus, if you’re renting in NYC, one wall is much easier to paint before moving than all of them, right?

Accessories for the finishing touch

Once you’ve painted the walls and installed the most important elements, all that’s left are the small details. Adding finishing touches is all about playfulness and your own creativity coming out, but don’t make the room cluttered. Try to keep it simple yet functional, like a cloud ceiling light. You can also decorate a wall with a sign that spells out the baby’s name. Nursery decorating ideas should fit in with the overall color theme and not stand out too much – a nursery is more about simplicity.

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