Moving was never an easy thing to do. Especially moving to NYC or it is your first moving. But, do not worry too much when you have a plan and if you are organized. Moving tips are essential when moving to New York City. It is a big city with a lot of people (almost 9 million) and one of the most famous cities in the USA and the entire world.  

NYC has 5 counties, and whatever you choose, each is special in its own way. But, they are different, from the costs of living to style and architecture.

Statue of Liberty

Moving and living in NYC may be amazing, but only with the right tips.

Moving to NYC – What you should know?

Being prepared is the most important thing when moving, no matter where and why. What does it mean? Here you have some things you should know before moving to NYC.

Prepare your wallet

Probably you already know that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world. That’s why you must be prepared for the costs of living in New York City. When you learn how to manage the costs, everything else will be piece of cake. If you are moving alone, without a family, try to find roommates. Most people do have roommates in NYC because of its high rent. Also, think about food, clothes, utilities, etc. Compare the prices and start saving money before moving there.

Meet new people and stay connected

Even though New York has so many people, you may feel alone if you do not meet anyone. Take the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and stay connected with them. Be involved in local events. Try new things, NYC is a perfect place for that. Offer your professional expertise, learn a bartender’s name where you are an often guest, etc. Your face must be remembered if you want to succeed.

Transportation in New York City

It is not recommended to own a car in NYC (because of the parking and paying tolls), but on the other hand, you have a lot of options for transport. Public transportation will be your best friend and at the same time worst enemy sometimes. Subway in NYC is one of the most impressive systems, so buy a monthly pass. Another option is a taxi, but it is the most expensive option. If you love to ride a bike, that could be the best idea for your wallet and health. You can take a bus too, but it is a slow solution.

Moving is a part of living in NYC

If you will rent an apartment in NYC, you will probably move a lot. But, it will not be a big problem with the right moving tips and if you have a reliable moving company in NYC. For example, you like one area in Manhattan, but you will maybe change your mind and after that, you want to move to Brooklyn.

Packing and moving tips

Tips and trick for moving and packing are very helpful. Especially if it is a long-distance move. If it is a case for you too, hire a long-distance moving company because it will make your move easy and safe. Long distance relocation specialists can help you move wherever you want to and what is the most important they will move your items safe. Or you can find a really cool apartment, but after a while, you realize that heating is not great, or you hate those stairs, or you want a closer subway, etc.

Before moving to NYC, pack your stuff and be prepared.

First, do a research

Learn everything about NYC before moving. Maybe it sounds unnecessary, but it is one of the most important moving tips. When you are moving, it is not just all about packing and unpacking. Researching is a huge part of any moving. So, besides packing, start learning. Also, research types of apartments neighborhoods. At first, do not forget to be open-minded about your future neighborhood or a type of apartment.

Moving also includes a lot of paperwork. Check all the required documents. Medical record, visa (if you are not from the USA), changing the address, etc.

If you are able, visit homes in NYC

Of course, if you are able, you must visit NYC first. Have a meeting with a real estate agent and see some apartments. It is a good idea to see what NYC can offer you with your budget. And, right after you find a perfect place for you, give a deposit. It is easy to lose an apartment because the demand is high. Bring a notebook and write down everything. For example, how big apartment is, what is a type of heating, water pressure, access to laundry, etc.

What about moving company?

A moving company is an excellent option for packing, transportation or storage (if the company has that service too). Especially, if it is your first move or a long-distance move. Contact a moving company a couple of months before moving and your items will be safe and undamaged. Do not worry if you did not book a move yet or you do not know which mover to choose. Visit site and we are sure they can give you an excellent deal for your moving.

Start with packing

Now, when you know the day of moving, you can start with packing. It is an inevitable step when you move. Start about 1 month before a moving day.


Label all your boxes and pack your items properly.

  • Collect moving boxes. Also, you will need packing material such as newspapers, air bubble foil, a tape…
  • Separate items you want to move to NYC.
  • The best moving tips include tips for packing your boxes, especially sensitive items. Pay a special attention to fragile items and wrap them in the air bubble foil, several times. You should label all your boxes, but especially these boxes.
  • Pack an essential box for you and if you are moving with kids or pets, for them too.

If you do not know how to pack your boxes for moving to NYC, moving company will help you with that too. You can also ask them for more helpful moving tips. Good luck with your NYC moving, be open to new things, meet new people and enjoy.

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