You had your business in New York City for a long time but are thinking of moving it to Florida. When you tell your friends and family members about the decision, they will look at you like you are out of your mind and try to persuade you to give up the idea. And who can blame them! But why leave Big Apple as a business owner for the Sunshine State? Well, for instance, because it might actually be the best decision you’ve ever made for your company! To convince you of that, Company Listings NYC will tell you how your NYC business can benefit from a relocation to Florida

Your NYC business can benefit from a relocation to Florida because of the weather 

Nobody can deny that NYC weather can not compare to the weather in Florida. The Big Apple gets some pretty harsh winters while Florida is sunny all year. Now you might ask yourself – how can sunny weather benefit my business? There are a couple of reasons why warm weather can be beneficial for your business. 

  • First, your NYC business can benefit from a relocation to Florida because it will not have to close because of bad weather. If you are a newly open business, you need to stay open because you need the earnings. Sometimes in New York City, during the winter, the weather gets so bad that business owners are forced to close their companies until the weather gets better. When you come to Florida, say goodbye to closing down during bad weather conditions. 
  • Second, you as a boss will love the new weather. You will not have to worry about any unexpected occurrence, and when the workday is over, you can relax in the hot Florida sun. 
  • Finally, your employees will also love Florida. Good weather can make daily activities like commuting more comfortable. Furthermore, it can lessen work stress, making them more productive. 
blue sky and cloud
If you come to Florida from the Big Apple with your company, bad weather will never interrupt your business.

So if you like what the weather in Florida can provide your business, reach out to reliable pros to help your commercial move. They will handle all your company’s equipment and get it to Florida without damage. 

Working on a much less competitive Florida business market

Everyone knows if you make it to New York City, your work is complete, and you are ready to retire. Because everyone wants to come to NYC with their business, it creates a lot of competition. Furthermore, the competition is not weak. You do not have to deal with quantity but also with quality, and everyone can not provide the best services or produce in NYC. 

By coming to Florida, you will find yourself in a much less docile business market where you do not have to fight for every customer. Do not think because the Florida business market is not hostile, that it is not strong. Florida’s economy is in the top ten in the country. But there are not as many people trying to make it in a small place like NYC. In addition, because you do not have to fight for the space on the market, your employees will have less work. With more time, they will be able to concentrate on creating a better product or providing a better service. Make a  moving budget for your office and come to Florida with your business. 

two man butting heads
By coming to the Sunshine State, you will not need to butt heads with other companies.

Your NYC business can benefit from a relocation to Florida because of the cost of living 

The third reason to come to Florida with your business from NYC is to lower your cost of living. New York City is known as one of the most costly places in the state, and Florida, on the other hand, is one of the most affordable.  

A slight decrease in the cost of living can improve your quality of life by a lot. You will have more money to save and spend on other aspects of your business. But depending on where you choose to move your business in Florida, you can lower your cost of living by more than 100%. 

You will pay everything less in Florida, from rent to health, and have more money for other activities, like traveling or concerts. In addition, your employees will feel less stress about money and can concentrate on their work more passionately.  

Finally, because everything is less expensive in Florida, you can find a commercial property for a lot less money than in the Big Apple. Find a good moving company to get you to Florida. And if you can not pick we think you should try a reliable moving company like as they can help with any relocation problem. 

Come to Florida because of the tax benefits 

The fourth reason to come to Florida is the tax benefits. Florida has two tax benefits that can make your employees fall in love with the state: 

  1. Unlike New York, the state of Florida does not have an income tax. Having no income tax means that your employees will get to keep a lot more of their salary. While in New York City, they give somewhere between 3 to 5% to the state. You can use that additional income and use it for your pension plan; 
  2. And you should use your income to put in your pension plan because Florida does not tax any retirement income. Most people think that people retire in Florida because of the sunny weather, which is a factor, but the main reason is the benefits for retirees.
Colored letters that say TAX
Florida is not only less expensive than NYC but has better tax benefits making the quality of life even better.

With the low cost of living and the tax breaks, your quality of life will increase a lot in Florida. You and your employees can finally begin to enjoy a carefree life in the Sunshine state. But if you have an apartment in NYC, take everything into account before selling


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why your NYC business can benefit from a relocation to Florida. Start planning your relocation to Florida as soon as possible so you can take advantage of the benefits quickly.

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