While moving you have to take care of many things. You have to find a perfect moving company for your needs, you have to organize your relocation, and you have to pack. And while you are packing your stuff for relocation, you have to protect your stuff from damages. In this guide, we are going to explore how you can protect solid wood furniture from damages when you are moving. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

You have to protect solid wood furniture from scratches

Let’s take for example a wooden table, but all of the following advice can be applied to any wooden furniture. First of all, when you are packing, don’t put your stuff on top of your wooden table. This is one of the most important moving tricks. If you need to put something on your wooden table, make sure not to slide the objects. Sliding an object will damage the finish of your wooden table. You should pick up the object rather than slide it.

Three pieces of solid wood furniture.
If you want to protect solid wood furniture it is important to know that you shouldn’t put anything heavy and pointy on top of it.

Second, you should get some plastic wrap or packing wrap for your wooden furniture, in this case, a table. Wrap your piece of furniture and apply sticky tape to secure the wrap if necessary. You can get those stuff and everything you need for your move to the nearest supermarket or online. That way your wooden table will be protected from scratches in the process of relocation.

Get some wooden crates if you can

For your smaller pieces of furniture, you can get some larger boxes. That way your smaller furniture will be sufficiently secured and safe. However, your larger furniture cannot be simply put into boxes. You need to get some wooden crates for them.

A small piece of furniture.
You can use boxes for your light and small pieces of furniture.

There are a few ways in which you can get your hands on wooden crates. The first way is to find them on the internet. But sometimes you have to wait for a few days if you order wooden crates from the internet, and it is questionable if there are wooden crates in certain dimensions. The second way is to go to your local carpenter. You only need to give the dimensions you need, and your crate will be done. But if you are especially crafty, you can make your own wooden crates.

Don’t leave your furniture in the open for too long

Don’t put your furniture in the open for too long since it will damage the finish of your stuff. Make sure to store your wooden furniture in a dark place, that doesn’t have vermin. Mice and other vermin will damage and eat your furniture.

Hire a reliable moving company

The best way to protect your wooden furniture and other stuff from damages is to hire a moving company that is professional and reliable. There are many moving companies on the market, and not all of them care about the stuff of their customers.

Good luck!

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