Involving your kids in family conversations regarding moving can be a good head start to prepare them for moving to NYC. Explain to them the reasons for moving and be considerate of every feeling they have. Moving to NYC can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time for them. So, by involving them you can ease the whole process of moving to NYC. It is important to explain that the move will bring many positive things for everyone. You should encourage your kids to ask questions and to share their thoughts. Company Listing NYC has a few tips for you on how to prepare your kids for moving.

Things to know when preparing your kids for moving to NYC

The older the children are, the stronger is their bond to their current home environment. They have friends in the neighborhood and at school or they are active in sports. No matter what age kids are parents should include their children in the relocation plans. This also includes explaining the reasons for the move to the children in a way that is appropriate for their age. Ask them about their wishes and needs for the new place of residence. If the child would like to train in basketball, for example, you should find out beforehand whether there is a club in the town and how the child can reach it from the new home. In this way, the child has something to look forward to in the new place of residence.

Choosing the right time to move!

Of course, you can’t always choose the time when you are moving. However, if circumstances allow the best time is definitely during a summer break. By moving on summer break their study will not be interrupted. The time of the move depends on various factors. However, you should definitely choose the move-in date with care. Holidays are ideal for moving with children. School and kindergarten children can finish the year in their familiar surroundings. There are many guides on this subject that you can read so you can prepare better.

Prepare your kids for moving to NYC by exploring the new surrounding

Prepare your child for moving to NYC and visit the new home. Show them their room let them decorate it by themselves. Besides the new home, you can also explore the new area. NYC is rich in all kinds of different content for your kids. Once the move of the children and parents is over, it is time to look ahead. Ideally, you should take a vacation to explore your new neighborhood and make excursions together with your offspring. During the settling-in phase, you should pay a lot of attention to the child. You can explore with your kids different parks, museums, toy stores, etc.

The boy looks through binoculars at the city
Prepare your kids for moving to NYC by exploring new surroundings.

To prepare your kids for moving to NYC prepare a farewell party!

A farewell party can also help them to cope better with the move. How this celebration looks like can and should be dependent on what the family likes to do and what brings them joy. For example, family and friends can be invited to celebrate a new beginning together. It is also a good idea to take photos that can be viewed together later. In this context, it can also be nice to celebrate a common welcome party in the new home, in order to bring positive energy. The celebration can also awaken the anticipation of the new home. You can support the integration of your child into the new home by inviting the child’s school class to a housewarming party.

Security comes first!

If you have smaller kids safety should come first. To avoid accidents on the day of the move here are some things to consider:

  • Install child safety devices such as socket cover and safety gates
  • Keep detergents, batteries, etc. under lock and key and keep them out of reach of children
  • Stack boxes securely against a wall
  • Do not stack boxes too high so that they cannot fall over so easily

Stay in touch with old friends

Keep in touch with old friends after the move. Your kids can visit their friends during the holidays, write letters to them, and call them from time to time. Saying goodbye is easier if you know that you will soon see your friends again.

Mobile application Whatsapp
It is very important that they stay in touch with old friends.

Getting to know new neighbors

To settle into the new environment social contacts are important. You should introduce yourself and your family to your neighbors as soon as possible. Meeting new people is a way to give you and your family a good headstart to adapt to new surroundings. Smaller kids sometimes cannot understand the reasons that parents and adults have for the move. Children are also often not yet able to cope with the uncertainty and fear associated with the many changes. A move is therefore associated with a lot of potential for stress for the children. By getting to know people in their surroundings can decrease stress levels.

Tips to help your child adjust to a new home

Kids can feel sad shortly after the move because friends and familiar surroundings are no longer there. Be patient and this will pass. Here are some tips to ease the adaptation process:

  • Familiar routines – having breakfast together and reading aloud in the evening give children security,
  • Old photos – hang up photos of friends and your old place of residence in the children’s room,
  • Bring their favorite toys to your new home,
  • Invite friends from the old home for a day.
Prepare your kids for moving to NYC
Kids can have fun if you prepare them for moving to NYC.

Understand that a move is not only a change for parents, but also for children of all ages. After all, they too are torn away from their familiar and loving environment. They have to give up their room, leave the neighborhood and friends, and possibly even change schools or kindergartens. These are all challenges that await them and which do not make the move easy. Contact us and we can help you relocate with your kids as stress-free as possible.

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