Taking your family to a nice new home is a wonderful thing. It’s a chance for a new beginning, an experience that will bring all of you together. But, does it mean that it’s going to be easy. Moving is, generally speaking, a complicated process. And there are circumstances that make it harder, for example, in the case of an international move, or yes, you’ve guessed it, when moving in with your kids. But, let’s see if there’s a way to make this easier both for you and your kids.

Tell your kids

Let your kids know about your plans as soon as possible. Depending on their age, they might need some time to process this and say goodbye. Understand that kids feel safe in their familiar environment and this change is going to be a bit of a shock for them. So, in order to “soften the blow” give them some time. Encourage them to share their feelings with you. And after moving in with your kids, give them some space to adapt to the new environment.

A son talking to his father.
Communication is very important

Hire professional help when moving in with your kids

In order to successfully move in with your kids, you’re going to need some help. While your partner and your kids can do some part of the job, professional help is what really matters. Hire a company like Saratoga Senior Move Managers and you’ll see that even this kind of move can be made smooth and easy for everyone.

Your kids can help

If your kids are old enough, you can include them in the process, too. Nonetheless, it’s even better that you include them since they can use some sense of control when dealing with this move that’s essential, out of their control. Once you narrow down the list of homes you’re considering, ask them for an opinion. Or, let them choose their room color. Better yet, ask them to help you declutter your possessions, they can simply choose the toys and clothes they don’t need anymore. And finally, when moving in, ask them to unpack their own boxes and help them arrange their room the way they want to.

Prepare for the road

Other than having to pack the belongings of the whole family, you’ll also need to prepare for the road. These are some of the items to keep by your side before you actually move in with your kids:

  • Pillows and blankets for the kids
  • Their favorite toys
  • Food, water, and snacks
  • Book, tablet or a cellphone to keep them entertained
  • toothbrush, diapers, a change of clothes
  • other useful items
A girl with a teddy bear.
Ask them to choose their favorite toy

After moving in with your kids

This whole process can become a beautiful bonding experience. In order to make it like that, go through it together. After moving in with your kids, share your experience with them. And of course, allow them to share their experience with you. You’ll find out soon enough that this might’ve been the best experience you had gone through together, as a family.

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