You are planning your entire moving procedure to the tiniest detail. All your boxes are ready and everything is going according to plan. You are waiting for the exact date from your schedule and you are confirming all your arrangements with companies. However, on a moving day, the weather decides to surprise you with the storm and heavy rain. It is summer and you totally forgot to take bad weather into consideration. To avoid being surprised by the weather, you can easily prepare with a couple of simple tips for moving in bad weather.

Why is important to prepare for moving in bad weather?

There are several situations in which you need to be ready for bad weather to avoid further problems:

  1. Avoid any surprise even in summer
  2. You need to move in winter or another part of the year which is not so friendly for moving
  3. You have a strict schedule and you can’t delay your moving in case of bad weather
  4. Moving on short notice in the rainy season
  5. You are transporting temperature-sensitive items
  6. Long-distance moving to the area with bad weather

Several simple tips to get you ready for anything

Follow the weather when making plans

Of course, it’s not always possible to plan the weather in advance. Especially if you are making your plans a couple of months ahead. However, it won’t do you any harm to follow the weathercast when making plans. With some minor mistakes, you will be able to get information if the temperatures and precipitation will be extreme.

Looking at the rain through a transparent umbrella.

We are afraid the umbrella won’t do much good for your items when moving.

Get professional help

There is one way to be absolutely sure you are completely ready for anything. Hire a professional to deal with your packing and moving and organize your move on time. They have all the necessary experience and equipment so you don’t need to bother yourself with the weather.

Carefully wrap everything

Take extra effort and carefully wrap and pack all your items. That way you will prevent any water from damaging your goods in case of rain. Plastic bags, heavy-duty tape, and any kind of water-resistant wrappings can be of great use. Even in summer, when temperatures are high, think about sensitive items and rent climate-controlled transportation if necessary.

Get some waterproof bins

Waterproof bins can be of great help if you need to pack a lot of books or even records. You can get them yourself or buy and even rent them from professional companies. Just make sure they are sealed tight before loading them in the truck.

Be careful with expensive items

Anything of great value that can’t go with the jewelry in the safe should be packed with additional care. In situations when you need to deal with art, instruments, or electrical devices, hiring specialized professionals might be the smartest move to do. Placing your piano in a temporary storage unit is much better than risking damaging it while unloading and rearranging the furniture.

Small branch covered in frost.

Both extreme cold and heat can be harmful to your sensitive items.

Use trash bags a lot

Even if you already have everything packed and ready, get an additional supply of trash bags, just in case. If the weather surprises you, you will be ready to quickly place your boxes in bags for additional protection.

Last resort

If everything else fails, or you are not ready, consider canceling the move. Sometimes, moving in bad weather is impossible and moving companies are aware of it. Talk to them and try to reschedule the moving day. It’s in your best interest but in theirs too.

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