Living in New York City does not come cheap. Among other things, this directly reflects on the cost of storage units. Being as it is, sometimes it’s quite inevitable that you are going to need a proper storage unit for your belongings. Normally, they are not hard to find, but sometimes we just don’t have enough time to do a proper search. Just look at us, we are always running around, always feeling rushed, and always late. The salaries are high, the apartments are small, and the prices are even higher. So, how much does it cost to rent an NYC storage unit after all?

The cost to rent an NYC storage unit

NYC is the city where the majority of people are paying close attention to the costs of living. Of course, this is a way to do it or you won’t survive. So naturally, having an additional monthly expense can be a tough choice. But, considering the needs and circumstances, it’s possible to find some more affordable solutions.

Average rates of storage units

Since the price of storage depends primarily on the size, we can differentiate a couple of price ranges. Small storages are usually 5′ x 5′ in size. This, popularly called “lockers” costs about $45 per month in Public Storage in Brooklyn. However, if you need a similar storage unit (4′ x 6′) in East Village – Manhattan, you will pay about $210. But, the higher price includes additional services as well. Now, the bigger storage units are proportionally higher. Take large 10’ x 20’ storage for example. Fortunately, ordinary people are rarely in need of such storage. At least, not for a long period of time. Paying more than $330 for a large unit can pile up considerably if you are renting it for the entire year. Also, there are special climate-controlled units whose costs are anywhere between 25% to 50% higher.

The triangle with words “time, “cost”, and “quality” on sides.

You will need maximum efficiency when choosing the storage.


How to find the right storage unit?

Besides the size, you should consider a couple of other things before choosing the right storage:

  • Location – some storage has higher prices based on the location. Normally, you should aim at storage near you which is always accessible for your own convenience.
  • Amenities – if your goods require a special type of environment, the control of temperature and humidity is a must. However, that too influence the price.
  • Working time – you don’t want to store items that you are going to need now and then in a place that is closed half the time.
  • Security – the safest storage facilities will cost more but you will be absolutely sure your items are safe.

Utilizing your storage unit

Simply put, you should make use of the entire storage unit. There is no point in renting large storage if it’s going to be “half-empty” all the time. That’s a waste of money and space and any serious New Yorker should restrain from making that mistake.

A half-full glass of water.

Storage should be used in full, otherwise, it’s a waste.


Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage has its own monthly rates:

  • $9 on average per month will cover $2,500
  • $16 on average per month will cover $7,500
  • $23 on average per month will cover $12,500

Both ordinary residents and business owners are using storage renting services. Depending on the needs, one group will choose smaller while another group will look for a larger unit. However, no matter what group you belong to, the cost to rent an NYC storage unit is more than welcome information.

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