Yorkville is a part of the most prestigious chunk of Manhattan, The Upper East Side. Therefore, it is no surprise that you must have deep pockets if you want to live in Yorkville. Not only are your every month expenses through the roof, but so are the taxes. However, many New Yorkers feel that the prices are justified by what this glamorous part of the Big Apple has to offer. So, before you decide to relocate to Yorkville, here are some costs that you must be aware of.

The exact location of Yorkville within the Big Apple

Before we start mentioning actual numbers, it is important to understand why living in Yorkville costs a lot. It sure has its perks. The restaurants in this area a magnificent, the school systems are deemed to be one of the best in the state and the streets are beautiful and well-taken care off. Also, how can we forget Central Park, which is only 4 blocks away? As you can imagine, the location in this part of Manhattan is everything. To be more specific, this neighborhood spreads from East 79th Street to northern East 96th Street. This would be the location from its southern to its northern border.

As far as west to the east goes, this in-demand locality occupies the area from 3rd Avenue all the way to the East River. If the sole location is enough for you to relocate to this fancy part of NYC, you should certainly contact Heart Moving Manhattan NYC.


Live in Yorkville as a homeowner

Since the rents are very high, it only makes sense that purchasing a property is equally pricy. If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment be ready to invest over 1 million dollars. You might think that is an absence amount of money, but for this neighborhood that would be a bargain. Living in NYC is an exceptional experience and clearly some people are prepared to pay a great deal of money to have that special experience.

Bryant Park filled with people during daytime.

People that live in NYC love spending time in all parks that the city offers.

Live in Yorkville as a renter

Hopefully, you are sitting while reading this, because these numbers might make your knees buckle. A median price for a two-bedroom apartment is $2500. Studios and one-bedroom apartments are being rented for approximately $2000. So, as you can see rental prices are through the roof. Yet, this neighborhood is very high in demand. This average is well above the national average. As per some statistics, it might be even doubled. Thus, if your bank account can support such numbers, ask for assistance when moving to Yorkville and get the show on the road.

Utility costs in New York City

Of course, the cost of utilities will depend on several factors. Still, the biggest factor might be the size of your home. For instance, for a 900 square feet apartment, your utilities will be somewhat around $150. With this amount, you will cover electricity, garbage, water and probably heating. In addition to that, you will have other utilities like cable and internet. The cost of those utilities will depend on the packages that you choose from your service provider.

Transportation costs in the Big Apple

Once you take care of your housing expenses, this will your next big cost to take care of while you live in Yorkville. For drivers, the expenses related to your care are car maintenance, car insurance, and car payments. The amount of money you must pay for the mentioned expenses depends very much on the model of the vehicle you choose to drive. Nevertheless, parking and fulling are a different story.

Parking prices

Welcome to the place where parking is the most expensive in the world. Of course, we are talking about long term parking arrangements. Renting or leasing a parking space in NYC can cost up to $600. There is no other city in the United States nor in the world that can give New York a run for its money when it comes to parking prices. It is not a bad idea to use public transportation and cabs while you live in Yorkville. After all, NYC has a great walking zone and walking would be a great way to stay healthy when moving to NYC.

Public transportation

Public transportation is also very expensive, but it is the best public transportation that you will experience. So, when you pay for that monthly pass do not feel bad for the money you just gave away. It is money well spent. Once you find movers in NYC and you move to Yorkville, it might take you a bit to get the hang of the transportation system. But, once you do subway will be your best friend. After all, there is no faster way to get across Manhattan during rush hour. The monthly pass cost a little over $120.

New York street covered with yellow cabs.

It takes special skills to get a New York cab to stop for you.

Grocery store prices and restaurant prices

Grocery monthly bill for an adult in Yorkville comes out to $471. Also, well above the national average. However, when you think about it, it certainly makes a lot of sense. High prices of leases and taxation inflate the prices of all the items that you buy on grocery store shelves every day. The same goes for restaurants. The majority of the restaurants are top-notch. Consequently, do not expect to go out and have dinner for two that will cost you less than $100.

Outside of a restaurant in NYC that you can visit if you live in Yorkville.

Do not miss the opportunity to dine on the streets in New York City if you live in Yorkville.

In the end, if you are looking to live in Yorkville, on the Upper Este Side, be prepared to reach very deep into your pockets. At first, it might seem like you are pushing your bank account to the limit. However, once you experience everything that Yorkville has to offer it will all seem worth it.

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