Moving with your family from Washington to New York is not an easy task. With kids and their stuff in the mix, it can get quite hectic soon (when it comes to packing especially). But we are here to help and show you a few tips and tricks on how to make it easier. Packing is the hardest part since there is a lot of items and you need to prepare them and pack them safely in order for them to come in one piece to NY. So, we will deal with the packing mostly.

Before you start with the packing

Like all families, yours probably has a lot of items. Some of them you don’t use anymore. Some of them have become just “dust collectors” over the years. That’s just the way it is. But this is also the reason why it’s important to declutter at least once a year and it’s especially important to do it before you start packing for moving with your family from Washington to New York.

How to declutter

The general rule is “if you haven’t used something in years – chances are you never will”. So, start with items you haven’t used recently. Items that are broken can be recycled. Stuff that is just fine but you no longer use can be sold. You can arrange garage sales or you can sell them online. That way you can earn a few bucks. That is always nice, right? Ask kids to participate in this. They can arrange their toys and do the same with them. That way they are participating in all the aspects of the relocation and that will make them feel more included.

Packing and pets

When it comes to dogs, you don’t need to bring all the pillows, dog beds, and everything they own if you don’t want to. Dogs don’t really care about items, they only care about their humans so if you don’t have the space – don’t bring all that. Bring his or her favorite toy and all will be well. Cats can be more problematic since they are attached to space more but you still don’t have to bring everything. Just a few items they are very attached to.

Four dogs looking straight to the camera
Dogs are pretty easy-going pets.

Packing with kids

Families with kids often turn to professional movers to help them with this task since kids can be a handful by themselves. Movers can handle the packing and acquire adequate supplies instead of you. You don’t even need to find moving boxes or packing paper. That way all your household items will be safe and sound and most important of all it will be hassle-free for you. But of course, you can do it on your own if you wish or have the time for it.

Babies are the easiest to handle when it comes to packing and moving out.

Including the kids and what you can leave behind

You can leave some things behind as a milestone. For example, if you are transitioning from bottles to sippy cups – leave all the bottles. Why bring them if you are already transitioning? Make this a new chapter in your and your toddler’s life. Teenagers can get rid of their kid toys etc. The old clothes that you simply couldn’t get rid of since you have nice memories can be donated. That way some kids will benefit from it. There is no need to bring everything with you from Washington to New York.

Also, it might be good to include the kids in the packing process. Older ones can fold clothes, teenagers can make the list and deal with planning. They can also download some packing apps to help you out.

Packing apps that can help you

Nowadays there are apps for just about anything! Which is a good thing too. If you “google” packing apps you will find plenty of them to choose from and best of all most of them are free. Make sure to check them out since most of them will help you with packing, prioritizing, planning and of course you will have checklists and reminders.

apps some of which can help you when moving with your family from Washington to New York
There are many apps available now that can help you with packing, finding movers, and relocating! Most of them are free so take advantage of them.

What to do with extra items?

If it so happens that you have more items than the room to put them in – there is always a solution. Renting storage somewhere near you can be a good solution. PortaBox Storage is another great solution that is also budget-friendly! Make sure to consider it if you have a problem with more items than you can handle.

Vacuum bags

This can be a great thing for both packing and storing your clothes. You will get so much extra space, you won’t even believe it and when it comes to storing the clothes in it – it’s perfectly safe. Also, vacuum bags are a very inexpensive tool and that’s why they are so popular – both cheap and practical. So consider this when you start packing for your trip from Washington to New York.

What to bring to the trip with family from Washington to New York – moving day

Moving day is the most hectic when it comes to relocation. It might seem long but in reality, you will have so much to do it will simply fly by. The most important thing to do before your moving day is to pack one bag just for that day. You can pack two separate for adults and the kids if you think it might be a better fit. You pack all the necessities you think might be right for your family but here is a list of the most common items that can be found in the moving day bag :

  • water
  • food
  • snacks
  • wet wipes (water wipes are the best for sensitive skin and for using them on a face)
  • spare clothes
  • documents
  • medications
  • keys
  • wallets, money, and other valuables

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