Ever since we were kids, we were always creating a bucket list. Bucket lists for different things. For example, to buy a house with a pool, to cleaning your room bucket type of lists. Most of the times, those bucket lists went forgotten. The circumstances also demanded different actions in our lives. The same goes for visiting and exploring new places. So, we’re sure that there are some cities you should visit in Florida. There are many reasons why you couldn’t do it. Maybe you were too young, you didn’t have the money. You didn’t know how to prepare for an interstate move. But, now those circumstances are in your favor. What’s next?

The bucket list of cities you should visit

Did you consider moving to Hollywood, FL? What about cities you should visit overseas? There are so many of them. So, why bother thinking about visiting them all? How are you going to manage it all? Start planning a couple of months in advance. Of course, it depends on where are you now in your life. If you are in college, of course, your priorities are going to be different than if you’re in your 50’s. What shouldn’t be different in that process is your plan.

Think about what you want to see, then start writing countries. What would you like to eat? Which dance would you like to learn?  Or maybe make a decision based on what wouldn’t you like to eat. The point is to think about what you want to do on these trips. Ask yourself what’s your biggest fear.

Write down your first choices.

Prepare on time the list of cities you should visit.

It may be a cliché, but we need that also. So, start creating that plan. Once you have those cities, maybe you’ll change the list. But, once again, it is only necessary just to start. Then the mechanism will start working. What would be your choice-New York, Miami, Portland, LA? If you’re an adventure seeker, the best would be to choose cities that have not so much in common. That would be the best way to experience life in forms that you are not familiar with. You might even fall in love with Miami so much, that you will be contacting Best Movers in Florida to change the city of your residence. Let’s see which cities you should visit in Florida. Number one on our list is Miami.

Miami-one of the cities you should visit in Florida

Economic powerhouse where you can taste delicious food, Miami. Hundreds of sunny days wait for you in Miami. Yeah, and cocktails as well. But, Miami is not only about Latin music and aesthetic bodies on the beach making you envy. The city has the biggest number of international banks in the country. The Magic City is the most important television spot for the Spanish language; Telemundo and Unimas chose Miami as their headquarters.

And what about Visa International, American Airlines, Sony? The city didn’t get that nickname for anything. Besides that, port of Miami is so important that has the nickname Cargo Gateway of the Americas. Due to its location, it is a gateway to South America. As such, the city represents headquarters for the largest cruise companies. If you want a fresh career start, magic is in Miami.

Prepare for a great ride

Enjoy Miami’s architecture

In Miami you will feel relaxed, stress is not common here. People enjoy their days, have fun but embrace their differences. Due to its multicultural environment, Miami has one world-known festival. Calle Ocho Festival celebrates the Cuban culture through different forms such as dance, food etc. The Festival now embraces all Latin American countries. Their influences are seen in Florida Grand Opera, Miami Fashion Week, and Miami International Film Festival, among others. If you are writing a blog about the food, welcome to Miami-a paradise for freelancers. Floribbean cuisine will be your next topic. A combination of Latin (mostly Cuban) cuisine with American one creates magic. Taste the Cuban sandwich, croquetas and finish with the Cuban espresso. Of course, you will find different variations in Little Havana, just head to the clubs. And learn some of the Miami dialect; you’re going to need it.

Orlando-another city that should be on your list

The theme park capital of the world awaits your camera flashes. Your kids are going to like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. 7 of 10 the most visited parks in North America are located in Orlando. It comes as no surprise that Orlando is a touristic melting spot. So, what is 70 million people doing there? Orlando is one of the cities you should visit with your kids. They are going to love visiting SeaWorld Orlando, Magic Kingdom, and Islands of Adventure among others. Prepare yourself for a lot of running, having fun and taking pictures. Great food is there too. Besides those 7 parks and 4 most visited water parks in the U.S., Orlando is home to the second-largest convention facility in the country.

Jurassic park in one of the cities you should visit.

Enjoy the moment with your kids.

More best cities in South Florida? Miami Beach time.

So, the time is left for Miami Beach. The Art Deco District that can be found in Miami Beach is the biggest collection of Art Deco architecture in the globe. Art is very important here that it has its sister event to in Basel, Switzerland called Art Basel. Film, architecture, design and many more fields of artwork are discussed at the event. Miami-Dade County  Public schools are active in Miami Beach. One of the best school systems and the biggest employer is present in Miami Beach. And this is just to tickle your imagination. There are many more cities you should visit in Florida and beyond. Let this be a good motivation to start having fun!

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