Maryland has recently been a popular destination for people moving from different parts of the country. However, certain residents find it particularly convenient – New Yorkers love Maryland cities. Running away from the busy city atmosphere and skyrocketing rents, the people of NYC are looking for a neighboring place where they can still be close to the Big Apple, but enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle. And there we have Maryland – affordable housing costs, beautiful landscapes, amazing food, and exciting sports. Everything someone who has lived in NYC for a while needs. That’s why in this article we will introduce all the cities in Maryland where New Yorkers feel at home, and help you choose your next moving destination.

Why move to Maryland?

There are several reasons why would a New Yorker love living in Maryland. First, there the most obvious reason – the housing costs. Rents and home prices in NYC are known to be a burden for many families. That’s why they tend to choose a more affordable alternative. Housing costs in Maryland are about 50% less expensive, which is great news for those moving with a large family. Furthermore, NYC people get tired of Central Park and want more when it comes to the outdoors. Maryland is a small country, but it has a large number of easily accessible outdoor options like mountains, farms, beaches. You can choose something different every time you have a day off. Furthermore, great hospitals and schools are at your disposal. And finally, the job market is really booming in this state, so you can think about relocating your business or finding a new job here as well.

people sitting on grass in New York
NYC residents love spending time outdoors, which is why they feel at home in many Maryland cities.

What are the best cities in Maryland for New Yorkers?

There are several cities in Maryland where people from NYC feel at home. Reading the text below, you can narrow your options to the selection of top-notch locations to relocate your family and start a new life chapter.


Rather small, but very popular location, Potomac has attracted many new residents from New York. That’s why this is a place of close communities, where most of the people own their houses. The high-rated schools attract families with kids, whereas the suburban, peaceful lifestyle attracts retirees. New Yorkers love it because it’s safe, jobs are highly-paid and green spaces are all around. Finally, local professionals are there to help you relocate, so there’s one less thing to worry about when moving from NYC.

Mother and daughter on the street
Leaving NYC with your family is much easier if you’re moving to one of the family-friendly cities in Maryland, such as Potomac.


Another Maryland gem, Gaithersburg has become a top-rated moving option when it comes to NYC residents. The reason why it’s one of the cities in Maryland where New Yorkers feel at home is the ability to live in a quiet, open-space neighborhood at a relatively affordable price. If you decide to make the move from NYC to Gaithersburg, make sure to transport your belongings safely, as interstate moves can get complicated. To avoid possible nightmare scenarios, it’s best to hire a moving company that has a lot of experience in this area.


Now we have a bit more different option. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. That’s why it reminds New Yorkers of the Big Apple, but it’s not as huge and expensive. The city is loved for its lovely neighborhoods, beautiful harbor area and rich history and culture. Baltimore provides its residents a lot of diversity, which is why it’s easy to understand why someone from NYC would feel at home here.

nature in Maryland
If you love nature, moving to Maryland is a great idea.

Important notes on moving from NYC in one of the cities in Maryland

Even though you live in a huge, busy city, this doesn’t mean the move to another place shouldn’t be peaceful and safe. These are some important tips and notes you should remember once you decide to relocate to this state.

Finding a home in Maryland

Whether you’re renting or buying your new home in MD, it’s important to start your search on time. Finding a good home is the most important factor of this relocation. However, even if you change your mind after a while, you can relocate quickly with Excalibur Moving and Storage. Hiring a company that has a lot of local experience and provides a full range of moving and storage services is a lot more convenient and safer.

Packing for an interstate move

When moving long-distance, packing should be done with more detail and preparation. Start with decluttering your home. Removing the items that only eat up your space will ensure lower moving costs and faster packing. Also, pack your boxes in a way you can unpack quickly and efficiently. It’s best to color-code your boxes by rooms and label them appropriately. This way you’ll be able to find every item after you move in and unpack it much faster.

Tick off the things as you finish them

Starting a new life chapter is not always easy. As you have many tasks to finish until the big day, it’s easy to forget some of them due to the busy and overwhelming schedule. That’s why it’s best to follow your own moving checklist. You can tick off the items you finish, and keep track of your progress. This will make you more organized and therefore reduce the stress to the lowest levels.

Welcome to Maryland

There are several cities in Maryland that you can call your new home. However, you need to make this decision based on your personal plans, budget, and lifestyle. Even though a city may be the greatest one – it might not work for you. Combine our list with your personal preferences and make sure you pick the most suitable option for your Maryland adventure.

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