Planning to move to New York but having a slightly lower budget? Now you wonder if that was a good idea after all – to choose such an expensive city. Don’t despair. We are going to share the best NYC suburbs for middle-class families with you right away.

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  • Norwalk
  • New Providence
  • Queens
  • Harlem
  • Bay Ridge

Norwalk is one of the best NYC suburbs for middle-class families

Now that you know what to expect of NYC and are ready for a fast pace of life, let’s see which family and budget-friendly suburbs will bring back your confidence. First on the list is Norwalk, a suburb with down-to-earth home prices, ideal for middle-class families. Being a waterfront neighborhood, Norwalk is a beautiful area offering various outdoor activities for the whole family.

Little brothers holding hands while strolling down a park near the water
Norwalk is a beautiful yet affordable NYC neighborhood for a middle-class family.

New Providence for a new beginning

After preparing your kids for moving to NYC, help them adjust to a new neighborhood. Will that be New Providence? Might be. In the end, it offers affordable housing options, kid-friendly activities, and the best high school in NJ. What else could you wish for?

Queens, here we come!

Its serene beauty, lower rent, family-centered activities, and small-town feel are what make Queens a perfect candidate for a future home. Explore this area and when you do, find reliable moving assistance, Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC, for instance. Queens is not that specific, but that’s because it has some great neighborhoods to offer. What’s it gonna be? Astoria? No, even better Glendale?

Harlem is a perfect NYC suburb for all middle-class families

Harlem is yet another affordable area in NYC. But remember that you’re not limited to your neighborhood, whatever it be. There are lots of things to do in NYC in general. Plus, you’ll be a twenty-minute drive from midtown if you pick Harlem. Sure that doesn’t mean it’s boring here, not with diverse dining options, lots of green space, outdoor activities in abundance, and vibrant nightlife.

A brick building in Harlem, a NYC suburb filled with middle-class families
Redbrick apartments, tree-lined streets, and lots of green areas all add charm to Harlem

Consider Bay Ridge when looking at NYC suburbs for middle-class families

Full of tree-lined streets and beautiful architecture, Bay Ridge is a perfect spot for every family. A safe neighborhood boasting some great schools and lots of parks is beautiful as the rest of Brooklyn but much cheaper. Locals know what we’re talking about. Should this be your residential move, talk to professionals who can help, whatever decision you make. It’s one and the same place, but still, that doesn’t make things any easier.

Prep up!

Consulting will help you when the time for preparations comes. Picking the right movers, determining the moving expenses, and much more invaluable advice for beginners are easily found here. 

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Now that you finally arrived, you can start exploring your new home, meeting neighbors, making new friendships, and putting the roots down.

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