According to recent statistics, young New Yorkers are flocking to Philadelphia. And, honestly, we can’t blame then: Philadelphia is a great place to be, especially in recent times. If you find yourself wondering why exactly young New Yorkers are drawn to Philly, don’t worry. We have put together a list of 8 reasons why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia. We hope you find it useful.

1. Cheaper living

There is no point in denying it: living in Philly is much cheaper than living in New York. As such, a lot of young people are drawn to living in Philadelphia, because it is close to NYC but significantly cheaper. Living only a 2 hour drive away from NYC without sacrificing much quality of life. Additionally, anyone who has moved from NYC to Philly will tell you that finding an affordable and spacious home is much easier there. And moving there isn’t too hard either, as local Philadelphia movers are also much cheaper. Just be sure to know how to help movers on moving day, and you will have no issue moving to Philly.

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Living in Philadelphia is much cheaper than NYC, which attracts a lot of young people.

2. Work from home

One massive reason why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia is that they can keep their work from home job while living in a cheaper city. Before the pandemic, work from home jobs weren’t very popular. In recent times, however, they’ve become more and more prevalent. As such, young New Yorkers have figured out that they can have keep their jobs, which are well paid, and move out to somewhere else. Philly is a popular choice, mainly because NYC and Philadelphia have a lot in common. However, experts from warn that you should always hire local movers to help you relocate. Because they know the area, they will be able to help you relocate without trouble.

3. Philadelphia is quieter

Living in New York tends to wear a person out very quickly. The constant hustle and bustle, and fighting with a job which barely let’s you pay your rent will leave anyone tired after not too long. Philly living is, on the other hand, much more relaxed. The people are friendlier, the traffic is bearable and the city is generally much quieter. For anyone who wants to take a break from NYC constant rush, Philadelphia is a wonderful choice. And if you hire professional packers, you don’t even have to break your back to move there.

Person jogging on the sidewalk
Philly is much quieter than New York, which is attractive to a lot of people from NYC.

4. The food is great

Anyone who lived in Philly will tell you that the cuisine in Philadelphia is unbeatable. Ranging anywhere from classics to unique dishes you can only find there, Philadelphia has food to meet everyone’s tastes. Philly cheesesteak, water ice and Philly soft pretzels are a few classics from the city worth mentioning. Moving to Philadelphia for the food alone is a choice no one would blame you over. When it comes to moving to Philly, however, you should consider all of the different options at your disposal. Moving can be difficult to organize, and you should consider carefully which moving services are the best for you.

5. Diverse culture

Philadelphia has always been a bit of a cookpot of cultures. As a major immigration center, cultures from all over the world have gathered in Philly, and it shows. Here at Company Listings NYC we believe that you should shy away from discovering new things. And, at every turn in the city you can find a wide variety of cultures which have all meshed together to create a very unique scene. If you’re someone who loves exploring new cultures, then Philly definitely won’t disappoint you.

People talking about why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia
If you enjoy diverse cultures, Philadelphia will never leave you bored.

6. Sports

Sports are something that has always grabbed the attention of young people, and Philly is home to a lot of beloved sports teams. The Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia 76ers to name a few. For those moving to Philly interested in sports, you will be glad to know that the sports spirit is alive and well in the city, and there are many more teams which we didn’t list for you to discover.

7. Beautiful homes

One major reason why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia are the beautiful residential buildings which can be found in the city. Because they can actually afford their own homes in Philly, young New Yorkers tend to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the homes in Philadelphia much more. Additionally, if you are someone who like to keep a lot of things, Philadelphia is home to good and trusted on site storage facilities. So, if you’re moving over with a lot of belongings, you can easily find a simple solution for extra items.

8. Music

Philadelphia is host to wonderful music festivals, which are held every year. To name a couple: the Made in America festival, and the Philadelphia Folk music festival. And there are always smaller events you can find all over the city. So, it doesn’t matter if you are someone who likes a lot of different types of music or if you’re someone who prefers a more narrow spectrum of music, Philadelphia will have something to offer to you. And there are always more and more artists popping up in the city.

8 reasons why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia – closing thoughts

There are many reasons why you should consider moving to Philadelphia. The city life which is, in comparison to New York, very quiet. A safe city filled with a variety of cultures which all mesh in many different ways. Or, if you are still a fan of the New York City lifestyle, the two cities have a lot in common, and if you want a taste of NYC it is always only a 2 hour drive away from Philly. We hope you found this list of 8 reasons why young New Yorkers love Philadelphia helpful.

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