It is every business owner’s dream to have their business flourish and expand. After all, that was your ultimate goal when you became a business owner in the first place. However, it is all fun and games until your Florida workspace starts being too crowded or too small for your day to day operations. If this happens, you need to consider relocating ASAP and we have the perfect place for your business to continue growing. What a better place than the Big Apple. This move will be no small thing, so you better buckle down and get ready for a bumpy ride. You better know what to expect when moving business from Florida to NY. Here are our useful tips that will help your business have a smooth relocation.

Here is what to expect when moving business from Florida to NY

New York’s economy and job market have been very powerful in the past decade. Multiple sectors have been dominating not only in the US market but also globally. No wonder businesses are leaving FL and moving to NY. Before you take a step forward this move, here is what you must keep in mind.

A large office with a lot of natural light and light and white interior decorations, a perfect choice when you finally opt for moving business from Florida to NY.

Make sure your office spaces are comfortable for your employees. The more comfortable they are the more productive they will be.

You must be proactive

As a leader, you must have the ability to think ahead. Observe the situation and the work environment. Does it seem as if your employees are working on top of each other? If this is the case, you are already a few steps behind. As a result, your workers will not be productive, and you might even face employee turnover. When you see the slightest indication of overcrowding start planning your move. It might not make much sense, however, if there is no extra space, that means you are at your fullest capacity. Consequently, it is time to prepare your employees for a big office move.

Determine your budget

Many times, during this process you will be wondering what to expect when moving business from Florida to NY. One this is certain, you can expect to pay up. It will be all worth it once you are settled in, but the initial move will surely make you dig deep into your pockets. You need to be sure of how much you can really spend on this commercial move. When making a budget make sure you include every expense from rent to insurance. Every single expense, little and big, must be included in this calculation. Otherwise, you might get financially burned down the line.  For instance, using the right packing supplies for your move is very important. Make sure this expense is noted in your budget.

Dollar bills thrown all over the place and landed on one surface.

Your budget will determine many things during your move. Especially the size and the location of your new workspace.

Leasing vs. renting

Your choice between the two will depend on your financial situation. You must make a solid decision if you want to know in advance what to expect when moving your business. So, if you are low on capital renting makes more sense. It will be a cheaper option and it will not demolish your firm’s bank account. On the other hand, if you are financially stable and you have more capital, purchasing a commercial real estate might be a great investment for your business. After the initial investment, it will be more profitable down the line.

Location is very important when moving business from Florida to NY

This rule applies when choosing any real estate or property. Your location will depend a lot on your budget. In New York, there is a big price difference from borough to borough. Also, when choosing a new home for your business, do not forget to keep in mind your employees. The more comfortable they are, the more productive and motivated they will be. Therefore, make sure your new place is easily accessible by your clients, employees and business partners. The tactic of choosing the right location is the best moving business practice that you must implement.

You will know what to expect when moving if you have a good team around you

Unless you are an expert and your business is connected to real estate you will need some knowledgeable professionals in your corner. Our advice would be to hire a lawyer and real estate agent that specialize in the field of commercial real estate. In addition, aim for professionals that are local, from NY, because they will have a better insight. They already know the land and the local laws and regulations. Once you get paperwork for your property review everything.

For example, do not just focus on the amount of rent that you need to pay. Also, pay attention to what are your other obligations. Is insurance included in the rent? Do you need to additionally pay utilities and property maintenance? You want to be familiar with all the crucial details.

Two ladies siting together in front of a screen and working together.

During the moving process, never lose sight of your employees. They need to be on top of their game but you have to provide the support and the information that they need to be successful.

Moving business from Florida to NY on your own is not the best idea

Every move is very hard to facilitate. Now imagine moving an entire business. You will get a headache just by thinking about it. Of course, let’s not forget that a move from Florida to New York is considered to be a long-distance move, which makes things even more difficult. Therefore, moving business on your own is a bad idea on so many levels. Hire professionals to move your business for you. Will it cost you a bundle? Yes, it will. However, it will be more than worth it. Our advice would be to look for reliable and experienced movers in commercial real estate. If you haven’t found them so far visit

Don’t forget to communicate

You would like to know what to expect when moving your business to the Big Apple. Well, we went through some major points of commercial moves. Though, we have to mention that you should expect the unexpected as well. You never know what can happen. Still, whatever happens, you must communicate and share your plans with your employees, business partners and customers. After all, without them, you cannot have a successful business no matter where you are located.

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