There is no better place to do business than NYC. No wonder, it is known as the city that never sleeps, since something is always going on. The same applies to NYC’s business market. But, how hard is it to find a great office space in an expensive city like New York? Well, finding cheap but presentable office space in the Big Apple is no easy task. Still, there are plenty of great NYC locations for your office. However, their prices are through the roof. Yet, you shouldn’t worry too much, because there still are a few spots in NYC that have great office options for reasonable prices.

Best affordable NYC locations for your office

There are several reasons that might motivate you to look for new office space in the Big Apple. Your current business might be thriving, and you need more space. On the other hand, you might be starting a start-up and you are in desperate need of inexpensive offices. In both instances, when relocating your business or just setting it up, you don’t want your offices to kill your entire business budget. That is why we are sharing with you our favorite spots in NYC as well as a few unorthodox alternatives.

a street that can be one of great NYC locations for your office.
NYC has always been one of the most attractive locations for all sorts of businesses.

The Flatiron District

If you must have offices located in Manhattan, the Flatiron district is a great spot. Out of all NYC locations for your office, located in Midtown, this will be your best bet. Prices per square foot are lower by at least $10 in comparison to Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, etc. In addition to being affordable, there are great amenities in the neighborhood that your employees can enjoy. So, if you are looking to place your office in the heart of NYC, this is your cheapest option. Find an office in this district and contact Movage Moving NYC to get you settled ASAP.

tall office buildings in NYC
Give the Financial District a chance when searching for your new offices. The prices are reasonable and the amenities are excellent.

The Financial District

Another spot in Manhattan that is not as pricy as other Manhattan business hot spots is the Financial District. There is an abundance of free offices in this area since some businesses are leaving New York. Consequently, the number of available spots drags down the renting price off offices. Therefore, you can have great offices for a lower price while enjoying all the amenities of the big city.

The Garment District

If you are looking to save money on office space, be ready to think outside the box. Many lofts in the Garment district are convenient enough to be transformed into an office space. So, instead of spending all that money on extra office space, you can save it. Surely, you will have other business expenses such as branding services and manpower. Thus, you can invest the leftover cash on such projects to further develop your business. Especially if you are working on a startup level.

Don’t neglect the less expensive boroughs as an NYC location for your office

When looking for an office you must think about accessibility. However, if you run a business where you work with clients on a remote level, you have the luxury to neglect this aspect. At least somewhat. Keep in mind that these boroughs are way cheaper than Manhattan. In return, your office might not be in a flashy neighborhood. But you will have enough cash to invest in your business. Once your business starts being dominant you can move to a more attractive location.

Class C building are less expensive options

Surely you would like to have your offices in A or B class buildings. Yet, if money is running low, you might have to settle down in a Class C building. At first, this might sound like a major downgrade but don’t knock it until you try it. Cutting back just a few unessential amenities will not imply that your offices are undesirable.

Suburban areas instead of Manhattan

When looking for offices you shouldn’t dis the burbs. There are plenty of spots in NY that are out of Manhattan, but still great places for your offices. For instance, in New Rochelle, there are plenty of small office buildings that offer inexpensive office space. Your office can be in a peaceful area that is pleasant to work in. While not breaking the bank.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This trendy Brooklyn neighborhood is not necessarily cheap, but it is more affordable than many areas of Manhattan. This is one of the cheaper places to have an office in, that is considered trendy and hip. If you are starting a business related to art, fashion, or anything else creative, this is the place to be.

Bedford Ave. in BK during daytime.
Brooklyn is a great spot for your office. The prices are much lower than in Manhattan, while still being in the close

Don’t pinch pennies when going through a commercial move

Moving your business is quite a challenge. A commercial move isn’t something you shouldn’t be doing on your own. There are many reasons for it. The main one being, the faster you move, the less you will disrupt your day-to-day operations. So, it only makes sense that punctuality and efficiency are the key to a successful commercial move. That is why you should hire professional movers to relocate your office. Make sure they are reliable, trustworthy, and well experienced in moving businesses.

Packing up your business might be a challenge

When starting a new business and moving into your offices, consider yourself lucky. You don’t need to pack. However, when relocating your office that is already up and running you are in for an unpleasant journey. The safety of your office furniture, electronics, and documentation is vital to your move. That is exactly why you should not only hire commercial movers. But also take advantage of the packing services they surely offer. Take adequate care of your inventory, so your offices can smoothly operate at your new location.


The bottom line is when looking for affordable NYC locations for your office you must be creative. Be original and use your imagination. Certainly, there are neighborhoods that are generally cheaper than others. Still, there is a way to have your offices in more expensive neighborhoods. All you need to do is put a twist on a property that at first might not seem suitable for offices. For example, revamping a loft is always a great idea for a medium-sized office. So, start brainstorming and searching. Your new fabulous office might be just around the corner.

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