New York is one of the most important cities in the world. It truly is the center of the American economy and culture. Pictures of New York are the first thing that comes to mind when non-US citizens think of the US. This says something. However, New York is giant, and choosing the right neighborhood to settle in is not easy. So, welcome to our pick of the top 4 NYC neighborhoods you should consider!

Jackson Heights

Located in Central Queens, Jackson Heights is one of the most known NYC neighborhoods. It is a very diverse, vibrant, and most importantly, still quite an affordable community.

Moving to NYC neighborhoods.
Make sure to hire the right movers when moving to NYC.

Our friends from tell us that this awesome neighborhood has a good number of parks and playgrounds, and this makes it a perfect neighborhood for families with children. The median home price is around $450k, with the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment being around $1.800.


Williamsburg might be one of the most renowned Brooklyn neighborhoods for a good reason. It is a clean and well-kept neighborhood, with a loving and open-minded community. There are many fantastic places you can visit in this neighborhood. We recommend visiting the Brooklyn Art Library, the world’s largest sketchbook collection.

If you want to move to Williamsburg or any other part of NYC, you need to have professional assistance to settle in this area. Williamsburg is becoming more and more popular with New Yorkers, and this means that there are a lot of moving companies working in this area. Make sure to choose the right movers!


One of the most interesting Brooklyn neighborhoods, Greenpoint has a lot to offer. This neighborhood is developing rapidly, and that means that there are a lot of new buildings in the area. This makes Greenwood a perfect place for opening a small business in New York. This neighborhood is sometimes referred to as “Little Poland” due to the large population of Polish immigrants.

The neighborhood is great for people with families. Schools are easily accessible, and the neighborhood itself is very well connected. So, if you want to move to New York with your family, know that Greenpoint is a fantastic neighborhood in which you can raise your family.

Two gals writing and laughing.
Greenpoint is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for starting a small business.


Inwood is a classic Manhattan neighborhood. With a population of over 40 thousand people, Inwood is a fairly large neighborhood too. For Manhattan, Inwood is quite affordable. A typical apartment in Inwood costs around $550k, which is not that expensive for Manhattan.

Inwood has Irish origins, and today we can see a large influx of Dominicans. Many Floridians move are moving to Inwood, NYC too. It is an open-minded and diverse neighborhood, which means that it is very welcoming. There are a lot of fantastic parks in Inwood, and access to other parts of New York is easy.

Good luck with your move!

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