It can sometimes happen that while you’re moving your office you are left with some extra furniture. You can always sell that furniture, but that may not be the smartest idea. You are not going to make much money out of it, and you certainly won’t cover the price that you bought them for. It is much better to save it for some other occasion. But how you can save it if you don’t have unused space in your office. By storing it in the storage of course. So, storing your extra office furniture in storage. How can it be done? Let’s explore.

Hire a moving company

Moving large and bulky pieces of furniture is hard. You have to carry it throughout the building on your own. That way you are risking to injure yourself and damage the furniture. It is simply impractical, especially if you are moving your business to another state.

Two persons storing your extra office furniture.
Storing your extra office furniture needs to be done with the help of a moving company.

This is why furniture relocation and relocation, in general, are best left to professionals. You need to hire a good and reliable moving company for that endeavor. You need to have someone who can relocate your office furniture to storage.

The best option is to hire a company that has both moving and storing services. There are companies that do that and that have that capacity. Divine Moving and Storage is one of those companies.

Pack the furniture

Usually, furniture doesn’t need to be packed much, but it is always a good idea to protect it from potential damages. If you want to do that, then you should gather some packing materials.

You don’t need much. It is a good idea to have some wooden crates for your furniture pieces, but that is not necessary. Instead, you might want to buy some packing tape or some transparent plastic tape. That way you will ensure the safety of your furniture when it is in storage. Just be careful with plastic and wood that has a glossy finish. Plastic can melt and damage your finish. So, do not use plastic tape when you are moving an office table, for example.

A person in office on a phone.
If you are storing and office table with a glossy finish, do not cover it in plastic since plastic can badly damage the finish.

Storing your extra office furniture needs to be done in storage, obviously

Simply said, you need to get in touch with a storage company. There are a lot of storage companies on the market, but you need one that suits your needs.

You need to get a storage facility in which your items will be safe, and one that is near your place of interest. You have to know that your office furniture will come out in a condition that it has been put in.

There are a lot of different storage options. You can either get a short-term storage deal or a long-term one. The price of your storage unit is going to depend on what option you have chosen.

Also, you have to have a storage unit that has climate control. Wood and similar materials are very sensitive to humidity and temperature. A humid and hot environment or one that has rapid temperature changes can badly affect your office furniture.

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